In the two stories, "Drover's Wife" and "Joe Wilson Courtship" by Henry Lawson, uses effective techniques to tell the story. Where as in the TV documentary, "Plympton High Babies", and the recorded performance, "Flying Fox", uses different techniques from Lawson's stories but are also very effective. Some Lawson's stories are very non-romantic and non-glamorizes, for example the "Drover's Wife."Drover's Wife" is a story focused on an incident experienced by the women living alone with her children in the bush. One of her child notices a snake, which disappears under the hut, and the mother keeps vigil through the night until the snake reappears. The snake is then dealt with the next day. The story is set in the outback with many low trees, which is very isolated and basic.

It has one setting, the house in outback, with one simple event, the snake, and one main character, Drover's wife. Even though "Drover's Wife" is set in one setting, Lawson uses techniques like anecdotes to capture audience's attentions. The use of these flashbacks or anecdotes is to give more information about the Drover's wife and it creates a good characteristic of the women. The small gaps, for example "it must be near one or two' o clock", shows the movement of her mind from the past and present. This anecdote broadens the viewer's perspectives of women life and develops an understanding of her experiences and it also gives breath of the story. Some gentle humour is used in the story for example handkerchief incident, which soften the wife's character and also make us feel sympathetic towards her.

The story is written mostly in the present tense, which create immediacy tension while the drover's wife wait for the snake. In "Joe Wilson Courtship", the humour is based on a na " ive character and the narrator and protagonist of the story is the main character, Joe Wilson. It is the older Joe looking back on the younger man he once was and a story about how he met his wife. The tone of the story suggests the distance in time between the present and the past and also emphasizes the gap between the man he was and the man he is now. Thus the story combines the enthusiasm and innocence of youth with the sarcasm of maturity. "Joe Wilson Courtship" is a story which goes through a lot of events and 'ease in" to the story of Joe's courtship, which is a big contrast to Lawson's usual style of straight the point.

The major theme in the story is the love and romance between Joe and Mary. It shares with us his personal and social anxiety experiences in his courting days. Several incidents are related which form part of the courtship but it is Joe's awkwardness as a suitor which engages and entertains the audience. The story includes Joe's fight with a fellow worker in defense of Mary.

The irony here is that the fellow Joe fights with is not a rival for Mary and it also shows the importance of Mary to Joe. Lawson also included some embarrassing incidents in Joe's attempt to court Mary like the time when Joe was helping Mary with the washing and accidentally offered to hang out her underwear, which embarrassed her. The point of this is to give the story a bit of gentle humour. Lawson uses series of flashbacks, reminiscences in the story to develop Joe's character as sensitive, romantic and shy. This immediately makes the audience on Joe's side as we sympathy or sympathizes with him. It also gives audiences wider perspectives of Joe Wilson.

"The Flying fox" is a recorded live performance by Pauline Mclean. The purpose of the performance informs the audience about Aboriginal culture and also teaching a lesson. The story has one simple theme about a flying fox wanting to be a bird. While the Great Spirit is teaching birds to be birds, the flying fox becomes annoying and rude, insisting he is a bird not a bat. So the Great Spirit then teaches the bat a lesson for his stubborn behaviors by hanging the bat upside down.

"The Flying Fox" story is told in a performance and the speaker is the narrator of the story. The speaker uses their voice to tell the story to create a dramatic performance. The speaker uses high and low pitch tone for different character, which also create humour. Repetition is also used which creates entertainment and humorous atmosphere.

For example, "teach me, teach me how to be a bird teach me how to be a bird right now." which emphasize how annoying the flying fox is and also creates the character. Another example of repetition, "Flying fox keeps pestering the Great Spirit to teach him how to fly" which emphasize the difference between the two characters and the argument between them. Part from the use of voice and repetition, slow and mystical music is used. The effect of music is to introduce the story and mark the ending of the story. It also creates a magical and forest scene, which emphasize the setting of the story.

The TV documentary, "Plump on High Babies" use different techniques from 'Flying fox" to tell their story. The theme of the story is based on real human interesting story. It is about two teenage girls, Crystal and Simone, of how they live and cope with their life while already being a mother and attending school. This theme creates curiosity, which make us engage in the story. The documentary used a camera technique, "Fly on the Wall " to make us feel not intrusive and feel a part, witnessing the event. The camera shows true images e.

g. Simone giving birth to a baby, which create the story more realistic and sense of immediacy. The documentary also uses interviews with the girls, teachers, principles and mother to let us see their point of views. The effect of this "one on one" create the atmosphere more conversational and sense of intimacy. The documentary used narrator throughout the show to inform and give us information about situation.

The tone of the narrator is objective and neutral.