Outline of Skill Package SKILL: "Be able to express anger or negative feelings without losing your temper" 1. Writing about the Skill. a) Sit down and write anything about the skill that comes into your head. b) Write an essay on how my performance of this skill varies when im with different people. 2. Symbolizing the skill in an art form.

a) Write a poem or rap about the skill. b) Use PhotoShop to create an image about the skill 3. Practicing the skill in a variety of situations. a) Use the skill outside of class and write about the experience b) Act out the skill as if you were in a play.

Write about what you felt and learned 4. Receiving feedback about the skill from friends or family a) Ask a person you really trust what his or her opinion is of your performance of this skill. Then write a statement in which you agree or disagree or both. b) List some questions you have to regarding this skill.

Write them in questionnaire form and ask five others for their answer to your questions. 5. Observing the skill being practiced by others a) Interview someone who is good at this skill. Write a summary of the interview b) Write an essay about how people from different backgrounds perform this skill.

Discuss whether people of different age, sex, race, education, national background perform the skill differently. 6. Teaching the skill to someone else a) Invent a test that measures someone's ability in this skill. See whether people who you know are good at this skill really score higher than you do-this will tell you if you have created a good test.

b) Invent a game in which this skill is needed to win. 7. Reading about the skill a) Look up three quotations (Bartlett's Book of Quotations) about your skill. Summarize them in your own words. b) Think of a famous who was good at your skill. Read a biography of him and write a report on it..