So what do you do when you really don't have an essay to make a copy of to write down. Is there any way of getting around that and let me register now. Well I guess I'd have to write about myself. I'm a kind person who love's to go to concert's of all type's wether it wrestling, ultimate fighting championship, football, baseball.

I just love sports in general. I also like to go to the movies and restaurants and all beaches down the coast of california. I think people need help when it comes down to humor because people don't know how to take any jokes when you joke with them. Well besides all that I like to watch alot of tv shows including 24, smallville, birds of prey and all kinds of actions shows that are on television right now. I really think essays are very boring and something I just can't do. I really don't know why you need essay's to graduate.

What's really the purpose for essay's I just don't understand but I guess that's what kid's need to get out of school these days. I guess if you want to be a journalist you would have to write essay's everyday of your life as long as your a journalist. Well I sure could never be a journalist because I really can't stand writing any kind of paper wether it's for sports or any other thing out there to write about. Sometime's I think people cry a river when they write stories about whatever it is they want to write about.