It all began when Lucy was running late for school. School holidays were now over and it was her first day back. She arrived at school and realised she was now sitting in the corridor waiting to see the Principal, of all days today had to be Lucy's worst. There she sat, waiting. Shivers running up and down her spine, she'd never been to the principal's office before. She saw Mrs Hog march down the corridor, starring at her as if she'd committed a major crime.

She gulped as the Hog peered over her. "Lucy," she bellowed. "Do you realise what time it is?"Yes, Mrs Hog," she said with a trembling voice. "I'm so very sorry, but I... ." Mrs Hog rudely interrupted her. "That's no excuse Lucy, now get to class.

I don't want to see you late for school again." she yelled. Lucy quickly grabbed her back pack and was out of there in a flash. "What a relief," she said to herself as she left the room. She was so glad to be out of there. Lucy arrived at her first class for the day, which was HRE. One morning a week they had this lesson, where they had discussions about puberty which she found boring.

Today their class were given a pair of scissors to use for an activity. The activity was not very interesting. The girl sitting in front of Lucy had long curly hair and it seemed to Lucy that it would be a good idea to cut it for her. It was going very well. The scissors sliced progressively through her hair with satisfying snipping sounds and a small heap of curls began to accumulate on Lucy's desk. She brushed them onto the floor and playfully spread them out with her feet.

It wasn't long before Jimmy, a student two desks away from her picked up a lock of hair from the floor and announced with a malicious gleam in his eye, "Look what I've found Miss." Soon another voice was heard, "I've found some over here Miss."Me too Miss, there's some here." Lucy knew straight away that she was going to get caught. The teacher sent her straight down to the principal's office, where she waited once again. Mrs Hog once again came marching down the corridor, her face quivering with anger. Lucy took a deep breath as the Hog approached her. She pulled Lucy by her right ear and dragged her the office. Lucy sat there in silence.

The old Hag let out an ear piercing yell, "Lucy, I thought you would have learnt your lesson by now." Lucy thought her ear drums were going to burst, she reeled backwards with fright. "I'm sorry Mrs Hog," she said in a subdued voice. "How could you do such a thing, I'm not impressed at all. As of tomorrow you will spend every lunch time in my office with me for one week! She shouted. "But... ."No Lucy.

Now, off to class!" Boy was Lucy glad to be out of Mrs Hog's Office! She gathered her books and was determined to find her man, John. All she needed was a bit of reassurance that her day couldn't get any worse, or just some good bitchin' with Samantha. As she came around the corner she knew the back of that head. It was Johns, but who was he with? Two steps closer she knew who it was, her supposedly best friend Samantha. That bloody bitch was snogging her boyfriend! BAM! She'd knocked her to the hard ground, striking a punch straight between the eyes that would leave an enormous mark. "Lucy Crawford," yelled Mrs Hog, her face bright red with disbelief steam erupting from her ears.

She turned around to face her and took a gasp of air, she couldn't believe it, Mrs Hog had seen what Lucy had done. "I'm doomed," Lucy said to herself. The old Hog continued to yell, "I'm very disappointed in you Miss Crawford, how dare you do such a thing! You need to change your act. Now get to my office immediately and wait for me down there!" Lucy made her way down to Mrs Hog's office once again. Samantha was in there holding an ice pack on her head. "Sucked in," Lucy mumbled to herself as Samantha gave her a disturbing death stare.

She sat down and Mrs Hog came into the room and sat at her desk. She said, "Lucy I am disgusted with your behaviour today, this is not like you at all. What has gotten into you?" Lucy just sat there in stony silence. "Lucy you have now earned yourself two weeks worth of detentions, I cannot believe your behaviour."Oh but Mrs Hog" Lucy said in a nervous voice.

"No, Lucy you deserve everything you get. Now before you go you must apologise to Samantha."I'm not apologising to her, she's a stupid slag!" Lucy yelled. "Don't raise your voice at me Miss Crawford, if you don't apologise I'll make it three weeks detention." Lucy got out of her chair and approached Samantha trying not to stand too close in case she caught a deadly disease that would slowly and painfully eat her flesh away. Lucy placed her hands behind her back and crossed her fingers tightly.

"I'm sorry Samantha," she said in a stifled voice. Samantha just stared at her with a moronic expression that reminded Lucy of the proverbial fat man. Mrs Hog let Lucy go. She was so relieved to finally be out of the Hog's office. Lucy went to her port rack and grabbed her books for the next lessons. But this time she was determined to be on her best behaviour for the rest of the afternoon.

She was sick of getting in trouble and getting pushed around. So she headed to her next class with a seraphic smile on her face, stretching from one ear to another. "Take a seat students," she heard the teacher say. So she neatly placed her pile of books on her desk and sat on her chair. The teacher handed out some worksheets to each of the students and as soon as Lucy received hers she started working. It was about forty minutes into the lesson and she was so relieved she hadn't got into trouble.

She couldn't believe it, for once she hadn't been sent to the office. She saw Mrs Hog walk in. She thought she was going to get in trouble yet again, like she'd done something wrong. She heard Hog whisper to the teacher "Has Lucy been behaving?"Yes, I haven't had to speak to her at all this lesson," she replied. "Very surprising" Mrs Hog said as she exited the classroom.

Lucy just smiled and continued working on the handout. Ding-a-ling-a-ling! Lucy heard the bell ring. She breathed a sigh of relief. She'd made the whole lesson and no trouble. "Yes students you may go," said the teacher. Lucy gathered her books and school bag and boarded the bus to go home.

She was so glad this horrible day was finally finished. She was ten minutes into her thirty minute ride home, when the young boy sitting at the front of the bus threw an apple and it splattered in Lucy's hair. The little brat smiled at her smugly. Lucy knew she had to make that specimen of evil pay for what he'd done. She was determined to find that rotten apple from last year that she'd hidden under the seat if it was the last thing she did. She found the apple, it felt a bit squishy and mould but it'd still make the distance.

She bent her elbow, pulled it behind her right ear, extended her arm out straight and released the rotten apple. To her horror, it missed the young boy by inches and hit the old grumpy bus driver in the back of the head. A screech of brakes pierced Lucy's ears as she closed her eyes tightly. "Get out of bed!" yelled Lucy's mum.

"You " ve only got ten minutes to catch the bus and I'm not driving you to school!"No mum, I can't be late for school!".