Essay Outline- Julius Caesar Introductory paragraph: In the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, the most of the characters have flaws that lead to the tragedy. Brutus and Cassius both try to make their conspiracy of killing Caesar work, but make errors in judgement that eventually lead to their deaths. The biggest downfall that these two men make, although more subtle, is that they do not consider each other's opinions or work together. Neither Brutus nor Cassius were fit to lead a successful conspiracy on their own. Brutus was not suitable for the role of leader due to his naivety and idealism, and Cassius was manipulative and possessed an envious nature.

However, Brutus and Cassius together could have created an ideal and true leader who would have succeeded in the conspiracy and eventually led the country to splendour and prosperity, had they been able to work together. Body Paragraphs: 1 st Argument: Brutus was not suitable for the role of leader to the conspirators -very na " ive and idealistic, philosophical -best qualities drag him down makes decisions based on idealism and not realism -Act 1 Scene 2 Lines 83-90 -made big errors in judgement that leaded the plot to failure (oath, lets Antony live, lets Antony speak, goes to Antony to fight rather than wait for Antony to come to them) 2 nd Argument: Cassius was not suitable for the role of leader to the conspirators -manipulative, does things for his own good -manipulates Brutus into joining him -envious of Caesar -Cassius's oliloquy -Caesar's speech about fear to Antony -Cassius doesn't stop Brutus from making big mistakes, gives up and lets him go -weakness in character - always backs down, helpless against Brutus' dignity and influence 3 rd Argument: A true leader must possess the qualities of both men -good qualities of Brutus: cares for general good, respected, honoured -Act 1 Scene 3 Lines 158-161 -good qualities of Cassius: realistic, practical, smart, political strategy -together would have been ideal Conclusion: -restate thesis -if both men had have respected each other enough and worked together the plan would have succeeded -character flaws lad all men to their doom.