Persuasive Paper Lady Macbeth is not a role model for women. She lives her life manipulating other people to get to the top. Lady Macbeth is best described as mischievous, misleading, two-faced, greedy, and corruptive. She fits all of these characteristics by her actions. First off, Lady Macbeth goes around destroying other people's lives just so she can become Queen. She goes behind her husbands back and plans to kill King Duncan.

In doing such a thing, as killing the King, Lady Macbeth shows that she has no feelings. All she wants is for her husband to be King, so she can become Queen. Now that both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth kill King Duncan, they do not know what to do. But Lady Macbeth being corruptive, pins the death on the guards. She gets them drunk, spreads the King's blood all over them, and leaves the daggers in their hands. Morning comes, and soon everyone finds out about the death of King Duncan.

Two-faced Lady Macbeth plays it up, and acts all girlish. She is devastated that anything would ever happen like this. Especially in her own house. Soon her greed comes into play. She starts pressing the new issue of who should become King. And who else, but her husband.

But this seems just a little to obvious that the King has been murdered in their house, and now they are so anxious to crown a new king. Throughout Lady Macbeth's corruptive plan, she destroys herself. She does this by letting King Duncan's death get to her and make her insane. After she sees the King in her sleep, and hears his voice she absolutely goes crazy. This makes her kill herself by jumping off the castle. On the other hand, Lady Macbeth is a role model.

She uses her women like figure to get her way to the top. Women in this day were not very high in rank. But Lady Macbeth would not be outspoken. She not only stands up to her husband, but to everyone in the kingdom, including the King. That took Lady Macbeth a lot of guts to kill the King. Or to even plan to kill the King for that matter.

Women at this time were not even capable of a thought, let alone an action such as this. This shows that Lady Macbeth is very strong, and willing to do anything to get herself ahead. Considering the facts about Lady Macbeth, I still think that she is not a role model for women. She may have acted like a powerful women, and did a lot of things that women were not capable of, but she still is not a role model for women. She used her powers the wrong way, and destroyed three lives in the process.

Not only did she kill King Duncan and herself, but also her husband as well. Lady Macbeth will never be forgotten. But she should have used her mind and powers to another plan. Killing the King was wrong, corruptive and greedy of Lady Macbeth, which means that she is not a role model for women.