This story is based on my own life experience, which shows me how an incident in some person's life can change his / her morals. This story is about my cousin, actually. He is one of my best cousins. I don't want to mention any names so in this story of mine I will just call him "Nick." It was the year two-thousand, September 26 when the school year had just started and "Nick" started liking a girl. Eventually he became friends with her which led to LOVE. Within two months of his friendship "Nick" had fallen in love with a girl that he barely saw or had talked to.

Mean while, my friends and I knew that the girl wouldn't go out with "Nick" so we wanted him to get over her. We all started telling "Nick" that he should either forget about her or ask her out. It had been three months since the school started and "Nick" had not done anything except for getting deeper in his love and whilst experiencing it through writing poetry. After enough peer pressure, half way through the third month he asked her out. The reply was "NO," the girl wasn't even polite and rejected him very harshly. Within a week, "Nick" had completely changed or I should say his morals had changed as fast as lighting dropping from the sky to ground.

"Nick" was becoming religious as he started researching on his religion. "Nick" had stopped chilling with us and would instead go to the mosque (a holy place just like church) where he would spend most of his time trying to find peace and the purpose of life. By this time "Nick" had started hanging around with different people, he barely talked to us anymore, but when he did talk there was grief in his tone. We all knew "Nick" was depressed and there was no way we could help him out of this. Eventually as the time went by "Nick" had finally found his solution; he started calling me and the boys again.

"Nick" would come chill and play ball with us but he had stopped partying, also he would deny going to clubs with us. "Nick" had a completely new set of morals; he started believing in peace, he would not stay out late. Sometimes I look back and wonder if "Nick" had changed for the better or worse. It's true that me and the boys we all miss the old "Nick" where we would go out late partying and invite girls to his place. Now "Nick" talks to me about religion and tells me how I should live my live and what the purpose of life is. Everything that he tells me sounds right and it also makes sense, if I ever need any guidance I know "Nick" is the one I can always look up to.

Yet my mind still asks me the same question which "Nick" was my best friend? I would like to conclude my story by saying that the old "Nick" use to be my best friend, but the new "Nick" is like a brother to me. Maybe "Nick" is religious and does not go partying with me, but he is still humorous and as the days of our friendship have gone by he has matured up to become a very loyal gentleman. All done and said "Nick" is the friend which many people in their lives can never find, "A friend in need is a friend in deed" there is no better quote then this to describe "X." As a great black leader Malcolm X stated "It is only after the deepest darkness that the greatest light can come, it's only after the deepest grief that the greatest joy can come." I strongly believe in that because every star has a silver lining and one day "Nick" will find his true love.