In Robert Coles writing, he uses the term "class" as the backbone to explain why kids turn out to be certain ways. Class is not always the issue though and in "Entitlement," there are many examples to prove that. Most people think that children of rich families are going to be spoiled but it's not always the case. For example, there was a young girl in a very wealthy family and she mostly cared about other people then herself. She gave half of her Christmas money to the poor people in Africa and her father was proud and told her to marry a man with the same principles so she will be happy.

Most of the kids that tend to live wealthy and become spoiled and so on are because they inherit what their parent's think and go on. It can be appropriate to say that class plays the most significant role when trying to figure out what causes the children's differences but I think it would be safe to say its not the only factor. There are several examples in the story where the children are severely spoiled to the point where they think they are at the top of the world and everything gets handed to them. That is narcissistic entitlement. Although there is an example in the story where there was a poor family and the mother spoiled the kid with the illness, so poor people can also be spoiled. I think that it is acceptable if a kid is spoiled but he understands the world and does not take stuff for granted..