There were many similarities in the characters from To Kill a Mocking Bird and Remember the Titans. The characters in both of the stories have similar experiences, but they dealt with them differently. Walter Cunningham in To Kill a Mocking Bird had a lot of things in common with "The Fat Kid" in Remember the Titans (I didn't quite catch his name, so I will refer to him as "The Fat Kid"). Well, Walter and "The Fat Kid" came from family's that didn't have a lot of money. Walter couldn't afford to bring a lunch to school, and "The Fat Kid" couldn't pay for college, so he wasn't going to bother getting his grades up. Walters family was poor, and paid for things in ways other than with cash.

They chopped wood, and made home cooked food for people they owed money too. In "the fat kid's" family, none of them had ever gone to college, so he didn't have very high expectations for himself. Walter and "the fat kid" both dealt with their situations differently though. Walter wouldn't take anything that he couldn't pay back, and wouldn't accept money from anyone. "the fat kid" on the other hand, shared his test scores with the coach, and had his friend "The Rev" tutor him.

Because "the fat kid" accepted help from his friends, he got accepted to college with a scholarship. Walter didn't accept any help, and because of this, he would probable be poor his whole life. Although Walter and "the fat kid" had similarities, they also had differences. They didn't respond to their challenges in the same way, and would both have different futures ahead of them because of that..