^aEURoeWith money you can always get anything! ^aEUR (Spiegelman, 74) Some man would be as strong as cow, but no one can survive without enough water and food. Germans do not follow any policy, and they killed and gas anyone they grab. Vladek and Anja survived because they were one of the richest Jews. Therefore, surviving from Holocaust does not depend on the physical strength; it is about those Jews who could pay high price to bribe the authorities, and to buy the excess necessities. The Jews who survived well at the beginning of the Holocaust, needed not only the power in the community, but also cash to buy food. The more connection a Jew could pull together, the more chance that they live well.

The cold-blooded Germans gave food coupons to Jews, which is not even enough to feed a dog. Jews survived buy food and necessities from the black market. Vladek recalled, ^aEURoeWhen first I came home it looked exactly so as before I went away^aEUR|each of us gets coupons for 8 ounces of bread a day, and a tiny bit of margarine, sugar and jam per week. That, s all! So how do we manage? (Father-in-law) donated a lot to the Gemeinden-the Jewish Community Organization-and Wolfe works there^aEUR|so we get a little extra.

And there, s the black market. With money you can always get anything! ^aEUR (74) The amount of food Germans gave to Jews is not enough for one breakfast today. In the beginning of the Jewish tragedy, while many already starved to death, Vladek, s family was still living in a somewhat wealthy style. Many Jews may be willing to sacrifice anything to exchange for life. Unfortunately, ones without money to start with probably do not get the chance because many starved to death. The twelve living with the Father-In-Law, were able to keep their house at beginning, and as millionaire, the family have more than enough money to buy a lot more excess food from the black market.

However, minor excess cash may not be enough to live. Soldiers like Vladek, who escaped home successfully, needed even more excess cash to purchase a legal work card. Otherwise, ones sent to Auschwitz camp right away. At that time, coming home safely is not safe.

Soldiers must find a way to stay home legally or to avoid been sent to Auschwitz. Just like some others, Vladek came home safely without a proper piece of paper to live. Truly, money talks because it can now also buy a piece of paper that safe Vladek, s life. When Vladek was almost caught without a work card, his Father-in-law said, ^aEURoeCome^aEUR|we, ll visit a friend of mine who owns a tin shop. I think his overseer can be bribed. ^aEUR More money put Vladek in an even better situation, the man who gave Vladek the card told, ^aEURoeOkay.

Vladek^aEUR|since we make things for Germany we can get you a priority work card. ^aEUR (78) Not every soldier was fortunate and was rich as Vladek. Jews must not just have some extra, but need to have a lot of extra in pockets. Vladek, who had a lot of Jewelries, had enough extra to buy some black market bread, but not everyone can have that much excess to buy a priority work card. This must be worked through not just little bribe, but a lot. Furthermore, more years into war, the one thing ones hear most often is if you can pay.

The conversation stops if the answer is no. There were times Vladek asked for places to stay, as always he would get, ^aEURoeShe has a small farm on the outskirts of two^aEUR|she might take you in, if you can pay. ^aEUR (139) This is not about how practical people are to each other. Money is what people ask for to survive. There are trade off for risk and money. Ones were serious at a point that you cannot even give a penny less for survival kit.

There was one time that Vladek, ^aEURoeI paid also for the food what she gave to us from her smuggling business. But, one time I missed a few coins to the bread^aEUR|^aEUR Understandably, Mrs. Motonowa answered, ^aEURoeSorry^aEUR|I wasn, t able to find any bread today. ^aEUR (142) Credibility does not work in war time. Especially during Holocaust, no one could predict the next step that Germans would take. Moreover, it took Vladek a gold watch to have his own blood-related cousin to save his life from the edge of being sent to Auschwitz.

During the critical point of people life, it no longer matter if people are related. Jewelry or other cash equivalents are few things that have left for people help each other out. Basically you got to have more than a lot to by a service. Vladek and Anja were at the edge of been sent to Auschwitz. Again, if you are still rich at this point you can buy your life back. When Vladek seek help from his cousin, the instance response he got was, ^aEURoeVladek? ! There, s nothing I can do! ^aEUR (114) Not just harsh and mean.

But it, s obvious to see how people are cold-blood at that time. Vladek understood the message, he responded, ^aEURoeI made signs to show I could pay. ^aEUR Suddenly, they are cousins again. His cousin shouted, ^aEURoeOkay. Don, t worry! Has kel will come help you! ^aEUR Artie asked the question that we all doubt, ^aEURoeWouldn, t they have helped you even if you couldn, t pay? I mean, you were from the same family^aEUR|^aEUR Vladek reacted, ^aEURoeHah! You don, t understand^aEUR|^aEUR (114) In that period, there, s no such thing as relatives.

No one had time or life to risk on anybody. Vladek, s cousin sends rescue sign after he sees the sign. In common sense, ones might believe that the same family would each other out. That would be very wrong in the case of Jews, who tried to survive. Would ones now argue for the fact that connection can save life, maybe not anymore. Nevertheless, at this point of war time, ones really have to be very rich to bribe to escape to a free country.

Years through the war, sources were used up. People hear ways to escape, but it is not something you can say it and do it. Ones must have a lot to pay in order to escape. Vladek described, ^aEURoeThe Smugglers proposed us how they would do^aEUR|Whew-it, s risky and very expensive! ^aEUR (150) Money is still the same topic ones surrounded. There, s no work for ones to work and live. The qualification to survive at this point is to start rich at beginning.

Accordingly, only the richest people lived.