The invention of television makes people's lives more convenient. Televisions provide people certain knowledge, recreation and entertainment. However, in recent years, our children have been facing some problems because of spending too much time watching television. These problems are not having enough time for learning, keeping away from being physically healthy and getting wrong messages from the violent television programs. As our children spend most of their time watching television, they do not have enough time for their learning. Most American children spend more time watching television than any other activities, except for sleeping.

When most children come home from school, they put their book bags aside and watch television. In a 1998 study conducted by the National Institute on Media and the Family (NIMF), 40 percent of families indicated that the television sets were always or often on during meals. Thirty-eight percent of parents surveyed said their children had a television in their bedroom. Therefore, our children are not willing or forget to do their homework as they are watching television. Moreover, watching television all the time can prevent children from being physically healthy. Children need to do exercises or at least have to play actively in order to be physically healthy.

If they stick in front of televisions all the time, they will not have time to play or do exercises. According to the Time magazine, children who involve in some sorts of sports are healthier than children who do not. Therefore, the more time they spend on television, the more unhealthy they are. Another problem is that our children are getting wrong messages from violent television programs. In recent years, most television programs in the United States become violent. Although TV violence may not turn children into serial killers, it will affect the manners of the children more or less.

They can become more aggressive and less sensitive to violent after watching so many murders, fights and gunshots. Even if they are not aggressive in the present, they may show their violent behavior in the later of their lives. According to the National Institute on Media and the Family (NIMF), boys who prefer watching violent TV programs at age 8 are more aggressive at age 18. There is a link between heavy violent television viewing and criminal behavior among children.

People say that children are the future of our country. Our country relies on the hands of our children. We should concern the danger of our children and protect them. Parents should control their children by limiting time and programs that they watch. Otherwise, we can lose our children who will be the leaders of our country. 06/22/03.