The Divine Wind Shows That the Casualties of War can be felt at Home 'In the final weeks of 1941, when I was adrift in life and my sister was missing in a war zone... .' the war was happened in Broome, small town in North-West Australia on 1939. It was World War II. Japanese was invading Australia at the time. The war has affected people in Broome, especially to Hart and Mitsy's family and also brings many casualties that can be felt at home.

War has changed everything. It changed the way peoples live and feels. The dread of loosing family members in the war makes lots of people suffered. Broome was disordered, many people leave Broome and many people dead during the war.

This essay will show you more about the casualties of the war that can be felt at home on the book's 'The Divine Wind' by Gary Dishes. The war was really impacted on Broome. It brought many casualties. 'This was in Broome, in the north-west, at the time of the invasion of Malaya, when Japanese bombs were falling like silver rain and old certainties were crumbling... .' The situation was really ruined at the time. Broome wasn't like a town anymore.

It looks like a place that already destroyed every day's looks dark. The war was also made the changing of racial relation, '... , when some who had been our friends were now treated as aliens, transfigured by enmity and fear.' The Japanese people who lived in Broome felt guilty about the war. Exceedingly the Japanese people who was born in Australia. They didn't feel like in their own land birth, 'Zeke spoke to her rapidly in Japanese... 'Next year is the 2600 th anniversary of the Empire.

We " ve taken up a collection to send home.' White people think the Japanese people are the one who cause the war happened. That's why they expel the Japanese. The war was also caused the business suffers. Because of the war the business activity that become the routines of the people on Broome can't operated as usual.

It's also affects on relationship. The war changed people who before friends into enemies. 'And she certainly didn't approve of our friendship with the Sennosuke family. She didn't trust them.

She suspected them of strange practices.' Ida looks Mitsy as Japanese that cause the war. She hates Japanese people. The racism was also showing as the effects of war. 'That pig iron we " re selling to the Japs-...

.' The Australian considers the Japanese as a thing that you must keep on distant. Broome was full of exotic distraction during the war. The war was also totally changed the way life of Broome. All was destroyed because of the war. The war was also affected to Hart's and Mitsy's relationship. 'With the world outside going insane, did Mitsy and I represent something good and innocent?' War made Hart and Mitsy relationship didn't go well.

It was because Misty is Japanese. It made Hart and Mitsy feeling unpredictable. Their relationship was start deteriorating when the interment camp was start on 21 December, 185 Japanese had been interned. Mitsy was always busy to visit and attend people in he internment camp.

'I began to recognize two different Mitsys: one the agitator and one the lover.' Mitsys attention all directed to the internees. The war was also making people feeling bad every day. We can get into emotions really fast moreover sometimes we can't control our emotions. It happened when Hart read the letter about Alice who was missing and Michael who was stroke. Hart was shocked at the time he always mutters. 'I had not listened to my heart but to the mutter of the war.' It also happened when Hart find Jamie was helping Mitsy in Mitsys house.

'I don't often feel anger. I almost never show it. But sometimes it comes flooding into me out nowhere and I can't control it.' The situation was really fast to catch emotions. And the very dangerous part that the war affects on Hart and Mitsy relationship was when Hart really hate Mitsy and he called her 'bitch.' Hart's family was also affected by the war. His family was being dispersed. Hart's mom, Ida, was decided to leave their family and go back to her land birth, England.

And also Hart's sister. Hart's sister was turn into a volunteer as a nurse but a bad incident happened, Alice was missing in the war zone. But luckily, Alice was found by the American on Sumatra. Her condition was really saddened at the time. Alice Michael Penrose, half of his body has been paralyzed by a stroke.

The World War II in Broome was made people around there suffered. It brought a very deep wound in every single heart in Broome. The book's 'The Divine Wind' was really shows that the casualties of war can be felt at home. Hart's family, Mitsy's family, and all the people around Broome could feel the crime of war. War was change the way people live, feels, and think. -a-.