Do you know what a tragic hero is and what the key elements for being a tragic hero are? Well there are four elements for a character to become a tragic hero: one is the character's destruction results from a tragic flaw: two the character loses everything in their destruction: third the character shows dignity and courage in the face of their destruction: and fourth the character is important and has much to lose. Here is why John Proctor is a tragic hero and here are three of the four reasons described. At the end of the play The Crucible John Proctor is sentenced to be hung. The cause in which for why he was sentenced to be hung is because he had a tragic flaw.

John's flaw is that he is a good person. How can that be a flaw? Because in being good he would not give up his good name which was the cause of his death. He stated, "You are the high court, your word is good enough! Tell them I confessed myself; say Proctor broke his knees and wept like a women; say what you will but my name cannot." Proctor was not willing to give up his good name because he didn't want to be seen as a bad person because he was a good person. That is the tragic flaw of John Proctor, and in this he loses everything. John lost everything for being accused of a witch and not giving the court his signature to prove that he confessed. He lost his wife, kids, and all his land.

John was an important person to the town because he was logic and he thought things through and was smart about things and people listened to what he had to say. People also asked for his advice because he was a smart person. In knowing he is going to lose everything he still shows dignity at his demise. In the face of destruction with the swinging rope of death in front of him, John shows dignity and was not afraid of death in the end. He lost everything even his truthfulness because he lied and confessed that he was a witch and he knew that he was damned because God damns all liars.

John shows his dignity by saying the prayer of God which is the Our Father. Then after finishing the prayer John is hung and that is the end of our tragic hero. The reason and proof that John is our tragic hero is that he had all these things pertaining to him and all of it fits together. He is killed because of a tragic flaw, he loses everything in the end and he showed dignity in the face of his death. Do you now know what a tragic hero is and all of the key elements and why they are primary aspects to what make a tragic hero?