What is the future of humanity? Everyone has his / her own answer for this question based on his / her cultural, religious, and educational background. Some people believe that the future of humanity will be bright, positive and hopeful. Others think it will be gloomy, negative, and terrible. However, if people look back over human history and observe what is currently happening in the world, they will realize the negative answer is more realistic. People can foresee that the personal desires of humanity will be more avaricious, the development of technology will bring serious side effects on human's life, and world terrorism will threaten people more than before. Personal desires have existed in humanity since there were human beings in the world.

With the evolution of human society, personal desires are becoming more and more greedy. In the past, human beings had to work hard to attain the basic living necessities such as, food, tools and shelter. At the present, people desire a higher quality of life with less work. In the future, if this tendency continues, people will want to live in luxury without working at all. It will be hard for people to get what they want in a legal way. Therefore, some of them will try to use any means possible to satisfy their desires without respect for legality.

Political unrest, financial scandals, and smuggling's will happen more frequently in the future. The normal economic and political order will be eroded. Unreasonable personal desires will cause a few powerful people to control innocent people's lives. Suborning will become the only way for innocent people to survive in the world.

With the illegal deals, some people will really live in luxury, but others, the powerless majority, who do make money by legal means, will have to live in an abyss of suffering. Consequently, unreasonable personal desires will make the future of humanity be gloomy. Besides the unreasonable personal desires, the side effects of technological development will end up making human life miserable. Rapid development of technology has been a source of pride throughout human history. However, it brings many side effects to people's lives in modern times, and it will bring more negative effects in the future. Pollution will be the most horrible curse of technological development.

Acid rain, sand storms, the green house effect, mean that people will be not able to live in an environment that is as clean as the one their ancestors had. Their lovely home, Earth, will become dirty and smelly. Human beings will lose the only known live able planet in the universe. Furthermore, cloning will make the future of humanity even more wretched. With the development of cloning, "human beings? will be made based on specific requirement.

They could only have parts of human bodies, such as arms, brains or legs, or some "important? historical people, such as Hitler, or Tojo Hideki, could live again. The definition of "human being? will become synonymous with "monster? in today's vocabulary. These "monsters? will make the future of humanity much worse than just slaughter or an attack on an army base. In the future, "human beings? will become products.

They will do whatever their creators tell them to. However, when human beings can be produced by assembly line, it will be the doomsday of humankind. Technological development has the potential to question the very meaning of being human and this becomes a threat to the future of humanity. In addition to the technological developments, terrorism is becoming a more worrisome issue. In today's world, terrorist attacks have been found in many countries.

The number of people killed in single terrorist attacks has grown from two digits to three digits and even more. People find that the interval between terrorist attacks is becoming shorter and shorter. Based on what is happening now, it is not hard to imaging that people will live in an atmosphere of terrorism in the future. Security and basic rights to live in even a polluted world will be in question because the world will become more dangerous.

With their cell organisations and individual activities, terrorists will make more and more attacks in the future. The terrorist attack like 9? 1 will possibly happen every other day in any corner of the world. Nobody will ever know what will happen to him / her tomorrow. They will not even know where they can escape from the attacks because there will be no safe place in the world at all.

The terrorist attacks will be a constant nightmare for people in the world during the new century. People will be terrified to live in this world. In conclusion, it is impossible for people to be optimistic about the future of humanity when people learn their future will be dominated by the greed of personal desires, the side effects of technological development and the threat of terrorist attacks. People have no control over what the world has become. Yet, they have to continue living in this world and to face their gloomy, negative and terrible future..