The story of Grendel opens in the season of Spring. The first communication the reader sees of Grendel is when he tries to scare away the Ram. Grendel fails in doing so because it is mating season for Ram and he will not be scared away. Grendel is a very curious creature. He wants to be understood by society. He has no direction from a mother or father figure.

His has little to no family life. Grendel lives with his mother in a cave. He and his mother do not speak to each other. Grendel's mother eats and sleeps all day everyday. She is nonsocial and has no communication towards anyone. I feel as though Grendel is sad because he doesn't have a close relationship with his mother.

In fact, Grendel doesn't have much of a relationship with his mother whatsoever. Grendel's mother is not a role model at all. She is a mother to a son and shows lack of respect towards her son. Grendel has no guided direction from an experienced individual such as many, which surround my life. Grendel has to learn everything on his own and learn from scratch.

In order to succeed is Grendel's world he must outsmart everyone or he "loses." Grendel is a creature in which is undoubtedly misunderstood. No one has ever got to know Grendel. No one has ever sat down with Grendel and had a conversation with him. No one knows what he feels, thinks, smells, touches, senses, etc. Society makes all these false accusations against Grendel when in fact they are just plain ignorant. They are too stubborn to look through the outside and take a deeper look inside at who and what Grendel really is.

I think Grendel is a very caring and compassionate creature. I admire his moral views such as how he doesn't kill or eat deer. I think that is a sign in which Grendel expresses his thoughtful and caring state of mind. He shows respect towards nature and his surrounding atmosphere.

Grendel is a vigorous beast that needs a good nutritious diet. He eats other animals throughout the forest. Grendel will never kill or eat a deer. He feels as though deer are too precious.

Grendel prefers to eat cow. Grendel sometimes goes to the Mead Hall during the night. There he kills and eats human beings. Every time Grendel journeys to Hrothgar's Mead Hall he knocks the front door down in order to enter.

The people who live there have had to replace the door between 50 or 60 times. When Grendel travels he leaves at night and returns by dawn. I think he does this because it is easier to travel without being noticed. It is easy for Grendel to escape into the night if he encounters any trouble as well. When Grendel first encounters man he realizes that he is not alone as a creature that is capable of complex thought. This is first brought to his attention when he injures his ankle by the bull.

As time moves on throughout the book Grendel feels that the men are evil because they kill animals for sport instead of killing for survival like Grendel does. He notices that men kill each other and steal from each other. He thinks this is terrible. Grendel views all this from the sidelines as the men all help to build a village. Grendel discovers that the men have been at war with each other ever since he's been spying on them. The Shaper is introduced as a character who plays a harp and sings tunes of what is going on in the story.

The Shaper is an intelligent character. His sentence structure and story development skills intrigues Grendel to listen to his stories. Grendel strongly believes in hope that "man" will change their negative point of view of him. Grendel's hope fails. At the end of Chapter 4, Grendel approached the men's village in peace and with action they attacked him. I feel as though Grendel is loosing hope in "man." Man believes so strongly that Grendel is this monstrous beast that is a disease and virus towards the human society.

I think Grendel needs to find ways to overcome man's opinion of him or else he will soon be in great danger if man overpowers Grendel.