Edgar Allan Poe was born January 19, 1809. He attended the University of Virginia, but dropped out after a year due to gambling problems. In 1827 Poe showed his first sign of creative writing. He published his first book, Tamerlane and Other Poems.

Poe was appointed to West Point where he published two more books with fellow colleges. Poe started writing fiction and selling short stories to local newspapers and magazines. Poe fought many mental battles throughout his career. His demented-like mind played a vital role throughout his dark story telling. In this poem Poe sets the stage by talking about "the greenest of our valleys" which refers to the fresh and fertile mind of a human being. He goes on to describe the mind with many beautiful bright colors.

The eyes are the door that reveals the "ruler" inside. So many good vibes are released from this beautiful mind that any humans that encounter this "ruler" find happiness in their own lives. In stanza five the aging process of the mind slowly begins. Poe describes evil entering the mind with many dark colors. The mind is slowly becoming "haunted." The "ruler" that Poe is describing has become insane.

The outsiders are still able to vaguely remember the "ruler" as he was, but what evil has entered the mind overshadows their thoughts. Now they can only laugh about memories, "but smile no more." Ultimately I think that Poe is describing effect of Alzheimer's disease. Poe is trying to find out how the mind can start off so bright and fertile and then starts to crumble without warning. In the end, Poe could " ve written this poem because of his experience with his own crumbling mind. Therefore, the human mind can become a "haunted palace.".