The United States is a nation of Immigrants. Many people come to the United States every year from all over the world. These immigrants include international students, professionals, and refugees. They come to the United States for many different reasons, but mainly for better opportunities for themselves and their families: better jobs, better life, to join family, to escape war, and for freedom. Some immigrant is a person who leaves one country to settle permanently in another country or region to which one is not native. A group of people may immigrate to another country because of some conditions which make it difficult for them to live in their home environment.

Many immigrants come to the United States for better opportunities for jobs and life due to political unrest or war in their own countries. Some countries have a mandatory service in the military. There are individuals who do not believe in this forced service and chose to leave their countries for that reason. In addition, some professionals in their own countries also had jobs with a higher salary until things changed in their countries due to political unrest or war. Furthermore, most immigrants are striving to improve their standard of living. People living in the republican countries were persecuted by political.

The people from republican countries have fled war and economic stagnation to seek greater stability in the United States. Therefore, many political refugees from the republican countries have arrived seeking relief from persecution. Another way to reason this matter is by looking at the level of education and skills. Many students immigrate to the United States because in their countries of origin, they had less opportunity to attend school than Americans.

The education systems in the United States are better than other republican countries. Also, there are plenty of good colleges and universities in the United States. Furthermore, to improve their language is also the reason of students immigrate to the United States. The United States also offers opportunity of freedom. One type of freedom in this country is freedom of speech. People in the United States can say anything about the United States government or problems in their communities.

However, some countries restrict their people to discuss anything about the government. Another type of freedom in the United States is freedom of religion. People of all religious have the same opportunities and benefits in the United States society. Some immigrants chose to leave their home countries because of religious persecution.

Sometimes individuals were not allowed to follow their religious customs or were mistreated because of them. The United States is really a country of opportunities for education, better jobs, better life and freedom. These opportunities are some factors that cause people to immigrate to this country. Having a good education, a better job and a free life are the most important things in our lives.

In order to pursue these opportunities, people immigrate to the United States where they have more chances to improve their knowledge and have more freedom in their lives.