The Tragedy of Julius Caesar The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, written by William Shakespeare is one of the world's most famous tragic plays. There are three main characters in this play, Marcus Brutus, Julius Caesar, and Cassius. Marcus Brutus is a servant and close friend of Caesar and has a strong relationship with him. Brutus' character is very na " ive, which leads to his downfall.

In the Tragedy of Julius Caesar, the downfall of Brutus could have been prevented if her weren't so na " ive and if he had not allowed Antony to live. Brutus is a well-respected character in this play. From the very beginning of Caesars crowning, Brutus views Caesar as a threat not only to himself, but also towards Rome. Even though Brutus is considered a close friend to Caesar, Brutus is nobler towards the good f Rome. Brutus knows something has to be done about Caesar because a lot of damage could be done if Caesar was crowned king and given to much power. " And therefor think him as a serpents egg which hatched would as his kind, grow Mischievous; And kill him in the shell." This shows Brutus' thoughts on Caesar and what will happen if he is crowned king.

Brutus wanted to kill Caesar for "the good or Rome." He organized a group of conspirators in which they plotted out a way to kill Caesar. Brutus is the leader of the conspiracy and the foundation of it. " Judge me, you gods! Wrong mine enemies? And if not so, how should I wrong a brother?" This statement is ironic because Brutus says that he would not betray his enemies, let alone his friend. He was na " ive enough to think that he would be doing all of Rome a favor by killing Caesar, so it wouldn't become a betrayal. The downfall of Brutus could have been prevented if he would have killed Antony along with Caesar. Brutus was na " ive enough to think that Antony, who was one of Caesar's closest friends, would not try to get revenge on them for what they did.

Cassius wanted to kill Antony along with Caesar because he knew that if Antony was allowed to live that something bad would become of it. But Brutus decided to give him a chance to prove that he was just. Another example of Brutus' naivete was when he allowed Antony to speak at Caesar's funeral. Once again, Cassius didn't think that this would be a good idea, but Brutus gave Antony a chance to say his final "good-byes" to Caesar. Little did Brutus know that Antony is going to take advantage of this, and plant a seed in the plebeians for revenge on the conspirators. " If I were disposed to stir your hearts and minds to mutiny and rage, I should do Brutus and Cassius wrong, who, you all know, are honorable men." Antony's funeral ora tation caused a catastrophe for Brutus and Cassius by causing the plebeians to want revenge for the murder or Caesar.

Because the plebeians wanted revenge, a huge war broke out between the armies of Brutus and Cassius and they knew that Antony's army would defeat them. The armies met at Phillip i where they started the battle. Brutus knew that their army had no chance of winning so he killed himself during the war out of honor instead of the embarrassment of being captured. Brutus' downfall could have been prevented if he has listened to Cassius' opinions and killed Antony along with Caesar, instead of letting his tragic flaw, naivete and his hamartia get in the way. Brutus gave Antony a chance to live, being na " ive enough to think that Antony would not try to get revenge in any possible way on Brutus. If only Brutus has listened to Cassius the whole time, all he conflicts and catastrophes could have been prevented..