ESSAY My Worst Holiday The worst holiday I've ever had was my last Christmas holiday because I was ill. This winter I was looking forward to Christmas and New Year. I was preparing for it and counting days. I couldn't even think that holiday to be bad.

Ultimately, Christmas came and we went to my grandparents as usual. I waited impatiently to see my cousins and other beloved relatives. But unfortunately, my brother felt sick. "Oh, no," I thought when my mother told us that we weren't going anywhere. But it was just the beginning.

After Christmas, my parents had to work, so I had to look after my brother, who lay in bed. I didn't want my mum to tell me that I wasn't fulfilling my duty, so I did all the tasks properly. As one might expect, after a few days, I felt sick too. I couldn't believe that holiday could be so bad, and I didn't tell mummy about my illness. But time passed and I felt worse and worse.

Soon my mother noticed that I was very pale. She told me to lie in bed and not to go anywhere. I was ill with flu. It was a really bad time for me because I'm such a person who can't just lie in bed calmly and not to do anything.

I couldn't read books, watch TV or play the computer, because I felt pain in my eyes. I also couldn't go out because I was running a high temperature. Needless to say, I couldn't even go to the skating-rink, while all of my friends were going there every day. All I did was eating and sleeping. It was really not interesting.

Finally, the holiday was over. I didn't go to school the first week, so I had much time to think about everything. I tried to figure out in my mind if I had ever had the worse holiday. It was hard to remember, but I understood that this holiday was the worst one in my life. very good essay.