This article is about a study done in the United States, on nurses and malpractice and negligent issues. This article covers how this study defined and tracked the malpractice cases in the states. It then gives you a brief description of what is classified as negligence and malpractice. It then explains possible things or concerns that may have contributed to these malpractices occurring.

They then went into explaining the areas of nursing that have the highest cases of malpractice and negligence and which ones have the least amount. It then also explains six major categories of negligence that result in lawsuits. I found this article very interesting as I feel it is important to be aware of theses issues occurring in nursing, so that I can make sure and help prevent this from occurring with my generation of nurses. I found the article informative and to the point.

I found it interesting that I never would of thought that negligence would occur in the highest in an acute care setting. I would of thought long term care. However, this is why I enjoyed this article. It opened my eyes to what I never knew.

It also opened my eyes to the need for accountability in our practice. This is why I chose to put this article under the accountability standard. I feel that the issues discussed in this article counteract with the indicators under accountability. I will take this information from this article and use is as a nurse and in the future as a reminder to make sure I am fully aware of how I treat a patient and to make sure I am accountable and know I am accountable for what I do.