LOVERS AND FRIENDS Did you know that the best kinds of lovers are the people that start out as your friend? This is shown in the lyrics of the R&B song 'Lovers and Friends', sung by Usher, Ludacris, and Lil Jon. This song is about two people who have been friends for a long time and now are ready to take the step into being lovers. In 'Lovers and Friends' the writers use sensory description and figurative language to show the theme that friends make the best lovers. Usher uses sensory description to develop his theme. Usher writes 'beep, beep.' This is onomatopoeia because it represents the sound of a car horn. That sound represents to pull off quickly or in a hurry to leave.

Ludacris also uses sensory description when he says 'I could be your Bud, you could beat me up, Play-fight in the dark, and then we both make up.' This is imagery because you can picture them play fighting in the dark, then making up. So when you hear these verses, you can draw that picture in your mind. Finally Lil Jon uses sensory description when he says 'Up in here, kiss in', hug gin', squeezing', touch in' (shaw ty), Up in the bathtub, rub-a-dubbin' (shaw ty).' This is part of sensory description; it has to deal with touching. One way the theme is developed in this song is by using sensory description. This song doesn't only deal with sensory description; it also deals with figurative language. One example of figurative language is used by Ludacris when he says 'I don't know, but you gotta stop trip pin.' The word trip pin doesn't actually mean tripping and falling, it means you have to stop worrying.

He uses this word to relate to the different kind of people who listen to this song. Ludacris also uses figurative language when he says 'Used to play back then, now you all grown-up like Rudy Huxtable.' This figurative language is a simile, because he is comparing growing up to Rudy Huxtable, using the word like. Finally the last piece of figurative language is used by Usher when he says 'Got me fiend in' like Jodeci.' This also is a form of a simile, because he is stating that he has and urge like Jodeci by using the word like. That is part of the definition of a simile.

Songs do not only deal with sensory description, but also figurative language. While your listening to a song or reading the lyrics to the song, you can also listen or hear for figurative language. Imagery and onomatopoeia are different types of sensory descriptions used to give a description about lovers and friends. Not only is sensory description used but also figurative language which includes idiom and similes. So next time you think your in love, just remember that the people you call friends are probably the best lovers. Not only that, but what kind of people make the best friends?.