I first became exposed to physical therapy while working at a fitness gym as a personal trainer assisting members reach their health and fitness goals. During the past two summers, I also coached high school girls and boys basketball for my church league. In this position, I accepted the responsibility of being a role model to these children as well as teaching them about physical health. My interest in teaching physical health is parallel with a curiosity of a world where preventive medicine reigns in our society. As I prepare myself academically for the field of physical therapy I often think about the benefits, both individual and collective, of injury rehabilitation.

With this in mind, I look forward to being a part of the entire process as a physical therapist. While the science of physical therapy fascinates me, it is the personal connection of the field that draws me toward the profession. I want to help people^aEURTMs lives by improving their health and their quality of life, as well as having the chance to teach them preventive measures. Teaching patients the importance of the physical therapy is essential to their successful recovery. As an associate in a physical therapy clinic, I learned that educating the patient allowed for them to become more involved in their reconditioning and rehabilitation and thus, speeded up the healing process.

The field of physical therapy is what I have been laboring and striving for since I was in high school. I have an enthusiasm for helping others achieve their physical goals and I am motivated and eager to acquire the knowledge necessary in order to exercise this passion. A major part of a physical therapists^aEURTM job is treating physical ailments, but equally as important it is about having empathy and care for the actual client. I know that physical therapy is a perfect career for me because I have the drive and passion to change lives through this interpersonal profession.