In his article! ^0 Multiculturalism and the hyphenated Canadian! +/-, David Leslie uses many examples and resources to describe the phenomenon and the incurred problems of multiculturalism in Canada, as well as the negative side of hyphenated Canadian. He points out that diversified cultures in Canada are acceptable and unique; however, different ethnic groups are hyphenated (e.g. Indo-Canadian), and by doing so, this also create gaps among different groups. Leslie believes that the Canadian tendency is to slowly melt different cultures into the dominate culture, but the problem is that minorities are very difficult to enter into Canadian mainstream members! midst. Developing high level English skills and avoiding using some names or labels which are not accepted by North American cultures are helpful to access to the public life of Canada.

At last, Leslie argues that many minorities! cultures which against democracy should be prevented. The things are just like what Leslie mentioned in his article, Canadian multiculturalism has emphasized difference. It is true that hyphenated Canadian groups makes many new immigrants feel rejected by Canada. More seriously, it sometimes may create race-based apartheid.

Although Canada calls itself! ^0 a mosaic! +/-, there is still only one major culture. Minorities are easily excluded. The author argues that the tendency is accrue to a dominate culture and minorities should do some work to get into the mainstream. Unfortunately, the process of integration can not be achieved only by minorities! personal struggles, it is also very important to mainstream members to accept minorities and to help different cultures melt into together. With struggles of both, it!'s easier to speed up the process.

I strongly agree with the author!'s point of preventing some cultures which ignore individuals! rights, such as discriminating and enslaving women. Multiculturalism is a complicated issue. Government should not use multiculturalism as an excuse and allow some negative cultures exist. Canadian people have to recognize which cultures should be welcome and which cultures should be prevented.

As the obvious fact of an ethnically diverse population, Canadian actual situation is much more ambiguous and complex. The process of integration is a struggle within a society context. In this process, keeping groups! cultures are necessary, but respecting individuals! rights are more important..