00 Pm Activities essay example

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In Everett at precisely 2: 45 pm, kids are let out of school, most are late for 3: 00 pm activities. Many schools across the county are changing the times in which school starts and ends. Changing theses times means that student's lives are being alter without any say in it. The school board members shouldn't be the only ones deciding what times school starts and ends. The school board should take into consideration the lives of the students who attend the school, not guess upon their own judgment.

Schools must start earlier! First of all, having practices right after school leaves parents stressed. Some parents must take their kids to practice every day. Some times practices are far away and need more time to get to, which leaves parents pressed for time. Other times parents are working and can't even get off work till 3: 30 pm and by then practice has already started. And in some cases you can be kicked out of activities if you are late.

To put it simply, starting school later messes up parent's schedules! Last but not least, since school starts later, parents try to schedule activities later. If kids are let out of school at 3: 00 pm activites are probably at 3: 30 pm, leaving time to get to the activity or practice. If the activity were three hours long (which in some cases it is) then the child would be done just in time for dinner at 6: 30 pm. After dinner, at 7: 30 pm the child finally starts their homework. Doing homework could take up to four hours and that you mean that the child would be up till 11: 30 pm finishing homework.

Just being on this schedule for a day would burn anybody out, but then kids have to get up and do it all over again. Doing so would leave kids tired and weary. Maybe even some would fall asleep in class from the late night study periods. We need to start school earlier because it is a crime to make kids stay up so late with homework because school is getting out so much later. Also kids are late for after school activities in which if they are late they could be eliminated from doing that activity.

Free children from late night study sessions and start school earlier!