Class Notes 01/08/02 Sugar You have to handle sugar with care because can be dangerous. Also sugar can explode. At 315 degrees sugar should be clear. Sugar boils at 215 degrees. Corn syrup helps the sugar not to crystallize Dark Chocolate For dark chocolate the melting point is 118 degrees to 128 degrees White Chocolate For white chocolate the melting point is 100 degrees to 105 degrees, then you must take off the heat and whip. Types of meringue French: is plain egg whites and sugar.

But this method is not for buttercream. Italian: is made with egg whites, sugar and water. The difference is that the water and sugar are cooked to 240 degrees, and then added into the whipped egg whites. Swiss: is made from egg whites and sugar. But the egg whites and egg are heated over a Water bath to 110 to 120 degrees, and then put in the machine to whip. If fresh egg whites are used, heat meringue to 150 degrees.

01/09/02 Chocolate: Should be never refrigerated, for chocolate moose you should heat the chocolate to 150 degrees. Chocolate can be good up to one year, and should be stored at 50 to 70 degrees. In order to temper chocolate you must first cut the chocolate in thin slices. For European chocolate the heating temperature is 120 degrees maximum, but you should always read the package. All chocolate is made different.

Tempering is to melt all the crystals and ingredients in the chocolate to the right temperature. There are three methods. Tabling method: chocolate holds up to 60 days. Melt chocolate to 118 degrees. (American Chocolate) Pour to marble slab and chill to 84 to 85 degrees. Then you handle the chocolate with a scraper and a pallet knife.

Then you reheat the chocolate to 105 degrees. Then you pour it on the marble slab and repeat the handling until it reaches between 85 and 87 degrees. Seeding method: Melt chocolate to the temperature of 118 degrees. You melt two pounds and you chop one pound on the side. After heating the two pounds on the stove to 118 degrees, you take off the stove and add the other pound and reheat until it is 85 to 87 degrees, and make sure all chocolate is melted and no lumps. Use this method for chocolate that will be used the same day.

If you see white spots on a chocolate decoration, you can put the chocolate in the oven for two seconds, and they will disappear. Machine method: Chop chocolate into small pieces, put in the machine. Set the thermostat to 118 degrees for seven or eight hours. Then reduce the temperature to 85 degrees for twelve hours. With this process you can keep the chocolate for sixty days. This is the best method.

If making milk chocolate from scratch, you should melt separate. Then add them together and chill to 84 degrees. If you re temper it you must take the temperature to 118 degrees. Never mix brands of chocolate. 10/01/02 Dessert Sauces: With egg content should be thrown out within 12 to 24 hours.

When making fresh sauces you must heat to 160 degrees. Add simple syrup to sauce instead of milk. When the sauce doesn't contain eggs, it should be kept at room temperature. Apricot Sauce 1 lb Apricot jam 1/2 oz cornstarch 8 oz cold water 1 oz lemon juice 1 tsp vanilla 1/2 oz liquor or extract Preparation Dissolve cornstarch in the water. Bring jam to the boil Add cold water to jamWisk and boil together to clear consistency Remove from the stove; add lemon juice, vanilla, liquor Strain it, and sauce is ready Orange & Lemon 1 pt of water 2 oranges or lemon (juice & zest) 4 oz of sugar 1 oz of cornstarch 1 oz orange extract or lemon extract Preparation: Remove 2-3 oz of water to dissolve starch Left over water with and orange juice & zest Bring to boil, and add starch Bring to boil, to clear consistency Remove from stove, strain and add extract Melba Sauce 4 lb fresh raspberry 1 lb cornstarch 6 oz of water 1 oz lemon juice 1 lemon zest 1 lb sugar 1/4 tsp of salt 1/2 oz of vanilla 2-3 drops of red coloring Preparation Smash raspberries with sugar Put on the stove, bring to boil Add corn syrup with water, salt, and zest Cook for 5 minutes, then add lemon juice, and continue to cook to the thread stage Remove from stove, strain it, no raspberry seeds, add coloring, add vanilla Melba Sauce Frozen Raspberries 2 lb frozen raspberries 1 lb current jelly 1/4 oz vanilla 1/2 lemon zest coloring couple dropsPreparationAdd everything together, bring to boil, and remove from stove. Strain, add vanilla, and coloring Fresh Peach Sauce 2 lb fresh peaches 1 lb 4 oz sugar 8 oz water 1/4 cornstarch 2 oz lemon juice 1 oz peach extract, or liquor optional coloring 1/2 oz vanillaPreparationSmash peaches.

Then add sugar, put on stove, Bring to boil, stir Little cornstarch with water, then cook together, 2-3 minutes Add lemon juice, bring to boil, remove from stove Strain and add extract, vanilla, and coloring Fruit Sauce 2 lb fruit 2 lb sugar 8 oz corn syrup 2 oz lemon juicePreparationSmash fruit with sugar, bring to boil And corn syrup, bring to boil, add lemon juice Strain, add extract, optional coloring Any other fruits 4 to 6 oz Hot Vanilla Souffle 3 oz high glut on flour 3 oz butter 1 pt milk 4 oz sugar 9 eggs separated 2 oz sugar for meringue 2 tsp vanillaPreparationMake paste with butter and flour Put milk on stove, bring to boil with sugar Add milk to butter and flour mixture, slowly so smooth, also add vanilla Then bring to boil, cook flour out Remove from stove; add egg yolks at once and wiskTake the egg whites and whip until stiff consistency Fold meringue to smooth texture Fill souffle molds, but grease before with butter, and sugar Bake 18-20 minutes, in 375 degree ovenPetifours should be one inch in all around. Store in dry room. Make for two days later Cover with metal trays Apricot marmalade is spread in between both layers of cake Then chill cake for 1 hour Heat fondant with a double Boiler to 100 degrees Add additional syrup to get the right texture Fondant can be fixed if over heated with cold fondant When cooking cakes for different sizes, all the oven temperatures are different Small cakes 350 degrees Cakes 12-18 inches 300-325 degrees, average 3 hours (pound cake, wedding cake) 15/01/02 Don not icing moose cake with buttercream 1 qt heavy cream, 3 oz icing sugar, and flavor To stabilize whipping cream, you add 1/2 oz of gelatin with warm water Chocolate whipping has to be gana che, then you whip cream, and fold in Gana che. 10 oz of chocolate to 3 oz whip cream.

1 qt of whipping cream, 6 oz chocolate, 20 z of hot cream 16/01/02 Chocolate Moose 1 lb semi-sweet chocolate chopped 8 oz heavy cream 10 oz heavy whipping cream 4 egg whites 1 oz sugar 1 oz vanilla 1/2 oz brandy cognac Preparation Bring 8 oz heavy cream to boil, and add to chocolate Take egg whites, and sugar and add to chocolate mixture, and cool Then add whipped heavy cream and flavoring White Chocolate 1 lb white chocolate 6 oz heavy whipping cream 12 oz of heavy whipping cream 3 egg whites 1 oz sugarFlavorPreparationBoil 6 oz of heavy cream, add to the chocolate, and then chill in the fridge. Add egg whites, and sugar and add to chocolate mixture, then fold in whipped heavy cream and flavoring. Sac her Tart 8 oz butter 14 oz sugar 10 oz-melted chocolate 10 egg yolks separated 10 egg whites 1/2 oz vanilla 11/2 cup smashed toasted almonds 3 oz cake flourPreparationGrease cake pan, and put parchment paper in the bottom Cream the butter and sugar Melt the chocolate to 100 degrees, and add chocolate to mixture, and whip Then add egg yolks, one by one, then continue creaming. Then add the vanilla, and remove from the machine.

Put the egg whites and 2 oz of sugar in the machine and whip. After ready, Fold in the meringue, then add flour and almonds, then add the rest of the meringue. Ice Cream Philadelphia ice cream contains no eggs French ice cream contains eggs, which makes it richer, and should only be kept for three days. Banana 6 smashed banana 7 oz sugar 21/2-cup heavy whipping cream 3 tbsp banana liquor 1 tbsp vanillaPreparationBring whip cream to boil, smash banana and sugar together Add chilled cream to banana and sugar, then add vanilla & liquor Put in ice cream machine Vanilla Ice cream (French) 1 pt milk 1 pt heavy cream 10 oz sugar 12 egg yolks 1 oz vanillaPreparationTake the whipping cream, milk, 1/2 sugar, and bring to the boil Take egg yolks and other 1/2 sugar and whisk together Then pour hot mixture into eggs, then reheat to about 180-190 degrees Remove from heat, strain it, then chill on ice, until 32-40 degrees. Pour mixture into the ice cream machine, then freeze it Vanilla (American) 1 pt whipping cream 2 pt milk 8 oz sugar 11/2 vanilla 1/4 saltPreparationTake cream, milk, vanilla, sugar, salt, and bring to the boil. Strain it, chill it, then put in the ice cream machinePetefors 1/4 inch marzipan- glaze wash shiny syrup.

Cake must be dry before adding syrup Almond paste- powdered sugar, corn syrup, or egg yolks, egg whites. You can add color, but only paste coloring Almond extract Shiny syrup recipe 8 oz water 1 cup corn syrupPreparationBring to boil, chill to 140 degrees, and then keep refrigerator Marzipan Recipe 1 lb almond paste 1 lb powder sugar 4 oz corn syrup 2 oz fondant 1 tsp Almond extract 1 tsp rum flavorPreparationWork almond paste to smooth consistency in machine, then add sugar, and continue to smooth. Then add corn syrup, fondant, almond extract, rum flavoring. Kneed until smooth, wrap in plastic, if you want to color, you add coloring to machine.

Temperatures Turn oven on setting temperature Bread, rolls, puff pastry, croissant, Danish, at 400-425 degrees Then reduce oven. Then start to bake high ratio at 375 degrees Anything with meringue, anywhere from 225-330 degrees Any sponge 350-375 degreesGeneau jelly sponge 400 degrees Any cheese cake, cook in water bath, temperature at 330 degrees.