The year that was... 2000 Dubbed "The Year of the Dragon" by the Chinese, the first year of the 21st century was packed with too many exciting and interesting occurrences to be easily forgotten. Take a trip down memory lane and revel in the year that was... 2000. NEWS International. Researchers from two competing teams announced in June that they separately had completed a rough blueprint of all the genes of the human body.

The accomplishment was hailed as one of the greatest scientific achievements of all time -- as well as one of the most frightening... One of the closest U.S. presidential elections in history was rife with controversy after George Bush was declared the winner Local. American journalist, Claudia Kirsch och went missing in Jamaica, apparently on the grounds of Sandals Negril. Accusations have been made that she was partying with some stranger and after that night went missing. From then on a search was launched but she was not found. It is now thought that she either eloped or got murdered...

In July, Jamaica's first locally cultured test tube baby was conceived and transferred to the patient's womb at the newly opened in vito fertility (IVF) laboratory at the University Hospital of the West Indies... Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales and heir to the British throne visited Jamaica for three days, February 28 to April 1, as a part of his Caribbean tour SPORTS. The Summer Olympics was held in Sydney, Australia. The Jamaican athletes took home 4 silver and 3 bronze medals. Marlene Otte y was cleared to compete in the 2000 Olympics, after her 2-year suspension by the IAAF, after she tested positive for the steroid. ENTERTAINMENT Movies - Some top grossing movies of 20001.

Mission Impossible 2 - highest grossing movie of 2000 with worldwide box office returns of 545.4 million 2. Charlie's Angels 3. X-men 4. Scary Movie 5. Cast AwayMusicInternational.

The Internet song-swapping service Napster came under heavy legal fire this year from the five giants of the US recording industry - Warner Brothers, EMI, Sony, BMG, and Universal - who sued to shut down the service, citing alleged copyright infringement... The tune Who Let the Dogs Out performed by the Baha men was ridiculously overplayed but it was fun... Eminem He may be vile, violent, decrepit, insensitive, moronic, misogynistic, homophobic, offensive, and repugnant, but Eminem's ability to throw down rhymes that outraged nearly everyone helped The Marshall Mathers LP rack up massive sales throughout 2000. No one was more controversial... Carlos Santana won 9 grammy awards A few more hits of 20001. I Knew I Loved You - Savage Garden 2.

Bye Bye Bye - NSync 3. Try Again - Aaliyah 4. The Real Slim Shady - Eminem 5. Independent Women (Part 1) - Destiny's Child (On the Charlie's Angels soundtrack) 6. Stan - Eminem feat. Dido Local.

Father Ho Lung and friends did it big this year with the production Jesus 2000. Jesus 2000 ran from March 31 to April 2 at the National Arena... ALBUM RELEASE - Sean Paul's debut album Stage One off VP Records, is a compilation of all his strong singles laced with intermittent sketches and interludes. Stage One deserves a place as one of 2000's best... THE REGGAE GRAMMY - Burning Spear snatched the reggae Grammy out of the reach of the much fancied Beenie Man with his 21st album Calling Rastafari Outstanding artistes.

Caplet on set the airwaves on fire with over 30 songs charting throughout the year. He made major impact with songs like 'Hands Up,' 'Hush Up,' 'Cooyah, Cooyah, Cooyah,' 'Slew Dem' and mega-hits 'Crazy Look', 'More Prophet,' 'Look Good Inna Har Clothes' and 'Hunt You' and much more... It was another productive year for dance hall kingpin Beenie Man. With his debut disc 'Art & Life' for Virgin Records gaining momentum overseas, Beenie Man topped local charts with songs like 'Haters & Fools,' 'Circumstances,' 'Crazy Notion' on the Headache rhythm, 'Damn,' 'Heights By Great Men,' 'Trouble Maker,' 'Straight Prison,' 'Your Bad Luck' and the Shocking Vibes hit 'Be Quiet' which all placed in the top ten during the year... Without a doubt Elephant Man was the most improved act of 2000. The former Scare Dem Crew member blazed an impressive chart run, with songs like '1000 Dollar Bill, and 'Out of Order.

' His combination hit 'Headache' with Kelly Ranks, 'New Application,' a counteraction to CeCile's 'Change,' 'Show Me Dem,' and 'Replacement Killer' also did well on the charts. Local Dancehall & Reggae hits. Haf fi get da gal ya (Hot Gal Today) - Sean Paul and Mr. Vegas. Elephant Man's controversial and amusing 'Truth Hurts' took him to the top for several weeks. Cook - Mr. Lex (formerly Lexx us). Love so nice - Junior Kelly.

Kelly's song spent a record 13 weeks at the #1 spot and 33 weeks on the chart (The Star top 40) and was the #1 song for the year... Tiger Bone - Sean Paul and Mr. Vegas feat. DMX (off the "Belly" soundtrack). It wasn't me - Shaggy and Rik Rok. U c Fargo? - Fargo Fashion and Pop Culture Trends.

Scooters - Faster than walking and easier to park, kids and adults alike fell in love with scooters and pushed the trend into a new demographic... DVDs - This year Digital Versatile (or Video) Discs and DVD players became more affordable and dominated the consumer electronics market. It could mean the beginning of the end for VHS. So stop trying to set the clock on your VCR.

Just replace the whole thing... W z p?! - The most overused saying of the year. The Jerry Springer, one of the dances created by late Bogle, was the hot dance in 2000.

Cowboy hats - Jamaican's embraced the western theme this year, donning gallon hatsSOURCESThe Jamaica Gleaner Archives The Star Archives web charts. html.