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Many kids today feel like they do not have a place to call home or even a place where they feel safe. A place where they can let go and be them self's and enjoy all the perks of just being a kid. Where kids can meet friend or grow closer to family. Many places like churches, friend houses or even relative's houses can serve these needs. For me, my grandmother's house was the place where I grew up, met my friends, and became closer with my family.

Firstly, it seemed a place to call home was hard to find, until my mother had an idea for us to move in with my grandmother. At first, I was scared because I had not yet met my grandmother, and I was very young. I did not know what to expect. I grew up there from the time I was five years old until I was fourteen years old.

For those nine years, I felt like grandmother's house was my place to call home. I learned so much from my grandmother. She taught me how to ride a bike, climb trees, and even helped me with my homework when I needed help. She even showed me how to respect people and showed me how take on responsibility. My grandmother's house was the best place in the world for me to grow up; I spent the best years of my life there.

While there, I met my friends. I was just a kid with no one to talk to, until I went to the park in my complex where I was living. When I was seven years old, I met my two best friends, was about ten years old and Jeff was nine years old. We used to drive up and down the block; until it was dark then we knew it was time to go home because the streetlights were on. I had a feeling when I met the kids that we would be friends for a very long time, and my intuition was right. I am still friends with.

My grandmother's house had a very good neighbor hood to meet friends. I had more friends then I could name. I did not regret moving to my grandmother's house because I had the chance to meet the great friends that I grew up. Friends, however, are hard to come by. For me, I think long time friends are worth moving to a new place. Family is something I use to not care so much about.

I thought if the family member did not live in my house then they were not family. That all changed when I moved to my grandmother's house. It started when my aunts and uncles would stop in to see their mother. More and more each week the family stopped by and it showed me that they were actually good people that cared and respected my mother and me.

I learned not to judge people before knowing them. Now I see family is very important. Family will always be there when needed, if they are real family. It was always good for me to have somebody there when in trouble or needed help. Living at my grandmother's house made me feel very comfortable and very familiar with my family and that was a great felling that I will always remember. In conclusion, living at my grandmother's house was a very educational experience that will stay with me forever.

Many kids in there adolescence do not get great experiences. I feel very blessed to have had a great childhood. Even if I got the chance to turn back the clock and have that choice to move to my grandmother's house, I would not change a thing. I think everything I encountered at my grandmother's house was a great learning experience. I am glad my grandmother's house was where I grew up, met my friends, and grew closer with my family.