My personal opinion about abortion is that it should stay legal. I believe that it is the woman's choice because it's her body, and no one else should be allowed to tell her what she can, and can't do with it. I understand why people involved with the pro-life movement are against it. It is wrong in the sense that it is a type of murder. However, I would rather see women abort babies that they can't take care of, than to see babies grow up in an unhealthy or dangerous environment.

Also, if abortion did become illegal, I think that we would have an increase in female deaths because women would try to abort the babies themselves, and would end up either seriously injuring, or killing themselves in the process. Another issue that must be addressed when talking about abortion is rape. Women who get raped and end up pregnant, usually don't want to keep that baby. That is totally understandable because not only would it be a constant reminder of what happened to them, but the child would be traumatized to find out later in life that his or her father was a rapist.

The last issue I would like to address deals with the foster homes. If the laws changed, and abortion did become illegal, a lot of women would probably put the baby up for adoption. This would cause a severe overcrowding of these foster homes, and a lot of children would never find a family.