Abortion has Abortion 2 Abortion Abortion has been one of the most controversial topics for the last few years in the many countries. Many people argue that abortion is plain and simple murder and they try to make it illegal. Although many people oppose abortion, it must remain legal for people like teenage, victim of rape, and poor people. Most of teenagers chose to abort their child because of their immaturity.

Teenagers are inexperienced so that they don ft know exactly how difficult child rearing is. They don ft know what they should do when their child starts crying, or gets sick. Because they are self-assertive, they can ft make sacrifices for their child. They don ft want to use their time for taking care of their child and don ft want to give up their dream for their child.

Teenagers are still children. Although they bear a child, they often don ft give attention or love to their child. Teenagers also still want someone to love them and get attention to them. Children should not have children. In case of the victim of rape who is forced to have the child, they can ft love their child from bottom of their heart. Because their child is unwanted, they often abuse the child.

Some of them hit their child or place them under house arrest. Every time they see their child, they recall their repulsive memory of rape. So, they often send their child to institution like orphanages. Even though they try to love their child, they can ft and they tired of taking care of the child. They leave the child alone somewhere and run away from the child. There are many people who want to bear their child but they can ft because they are very poor.

They can ft get their child enough medical care. If their child gets sick, they can ft take the child to the hospital and can ft buy any medicine. They can ft feed their child enough. Because their child can ft eat well, the child is malnourished and sickly. They can ft give their child enough education. They can ft pay tuition of school and buy any study equipments like textbooks for their child.

If a mother like teenagers, victims of rape, or poor people bares an unwanted child, the child potentially faces hatred and resentment from the mother for the rest of his or her life. It is so miserable. Sometimes abortion is needed. Abortion has not only a bad side but also a good side.