Abuse Of Power In Animal Farm essay example

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Abuse of power, and hypocracy in animal farm Animal farm is a book mainly about abuse of power, and hypocracy. It shows how the animals are manipulated to believe anything they are told. And do anything they are told. Abuse of power is when someone takes charge and uses there power when they shouldn't. for example when the animals were over looking the commandments they thought the fifth commandment had said "no animal shall drink alcohol" (113). This shows how the animals learned one thing in the beginning of the revolution.

In addition the animals noticed something different about the fifth commandment it read. "no animal shall drink alcohol to excess" (113). This shows that the pigs decided they wanted to drink alcohol so they changed the commandment to fit wants. They are not using there power as they should be. Hypocracy is when someone says one thing and does the complete opposite.

For example after the attack the animals had though the sixth commandment read, "no animal shall kill any other animal" (98). This shows what the pigs told the animals. In addition they realized after all the deaths of the animals the commandment actually read "no animal shall kill any other animal without reason" (98). This shows what the animals did, even after saying they couldn't. they are controlling the other animals. In conclusion the book animal farm was mainly about the abuse of power, and hypocracy. The animals were controlled and they didn't even know. and in the end all the animals were very very very very very very happy. so were all the people from all the farms. they all trusted the animals now and the animals were happy and the people liked them and thats all that happened in the book animal farm. and i think thats the end.