Department of Master of Liberal Studies July 31st, 2003 Peter C. Brass Personal Statement: Presently, I find myself at a cross road in my life. I will soon be forty years old and I am starting a new position with a large firm. For the last fourteen years I have worked in middle management and have acquired many skills including but not limited to human resources, accounting and sales. My previous employer had less than twenty employees and I wore many hats as the situations dictated. I am now joining a firm with three hundred plus employees and I am listed near the top of the new organizational chart as an Account Transfer Engineer.

The new position requires me to contact new customers to determine how they will best utilize our services. I will be responsible for transferring the new customers account base to our companies system. After visiting the new customers and reviewing their data base and any particular needs. My position requires that I make recommendations on how, when and what will be transferred to our firms system.

Different tasks will be assigned to my personnel in order to facilitate the transfer of the accounts to our operating system. The process of moving accounts to our operating system depends on my ability to get the job done. I feel that I need to gain new skills and knowledge in working with such a large organization and its personnel. I would like to pursue my Masters in Liberal Studies with a concentration in organizational leadership.

It is my firm belief that this area of study will not only enhance my professional performance, but my personal performance as well. I sincerely look forward to joining your program and enriching my life in the process. Respectfully, Peter Brass.