Pedigree vs. Iams All pet owners desire what is best for their pets. No matter what else you may purchase for your pet, food, will always be the main item. From small breed dogs to large, there are a variety of different foods available to suit the needs of each particular breed. All dogs, no matter what the size or breed, start at the same point: puppies.

In the first ad, Pedigree Puppy Food, the advertiser focuses in on the health and nutritional well-being of the puppy. It grabs you right away with the size of the word "Antioxidant". The ad itself reads, "Antioxidants. How do you get such a big word in such a small mouth?" The wording gradually gets smaller until we see a puppy, a golden retriever, standing at the bottom of the picture. He has a puzzled look on his face.

The sky in the background is brown, and it is large in comparison to the puppy. The puppy is standing in a field of grass and yellow flowers and has a blade of grass in his mouth. He has a collar around his neck. At the bottom corner of the page sits a bag of Pedigree Healthy Start Start puppy food. We then read how puppies love Pedigree Healthy Start because of the taste and feel of the food, "Your puppy will love them because they " re crunchy outside and soft inside. And they " re loaded with antioxidants and vitamins to help strengthen his immune system".

As an added bonus, Pedigree offers its consumers a free puppy starter kit. The ad for Iams shows us a puppy, a dalmation. This time a young child is perched on her knees by the dog; they are sitting next to a closet door. The little girl is dressed in purple, with her blonde hair pulled back in pigtails. In the corner of the closet is a child's raincoat. She is marking the closet door with a black crayon, marking the different heights of the puppy as he grows, next to the marks that have been made for her and for another child named Jake.

The heading of the ad, written across the door, reads", He " ll be up here in eight weeks. Feed him the food he needs to be healthy when he gets here". There is a small bag of Iams puppy food placed at the bottom of the page. The ad also promises a proven balance of calcium and energy: nourishment for his bones and joints. These two ads, though very much the same in that they are targeting the family, are also targeting a specific type of dog owner.

The Iams food is geared toward families with larger dogs, while the Pedigree, also promising nutrition, is for a wider range of breeds. The Pedigree ad has an Old Yelled theme to it, with the brownish tone of the sky and the field of grass and flowers. It brings emotion to the ad. The as opens with the over sizing of the word "Antioxidant". Immediately it becomes an ad promoting health and nutrition. The puppy itself is small in comparison to the size of the words and the sky, showing us the importance of nutrition and how Pedigree was able to provide it for a small puppy.

As the words descend, we see the puppy standing with a blade of grass in his mouth, looking confused, perhaps implying the puppy was looking for nutrition on his own. He is wearing a collar, which tells us that he belongs to someone. The collar relates to the family theme: someone loves him and wants to provide for him. The Iams ad effectively makes use of the little girl. It makes a similarity between raising a child and raising a puppy. I think this is a much simpler ad but a much more effective one.

The little girl, Sara, is dressed quite well; her outfit matches all the way down to the shoes that she is wearing. Her hair has been pulled back into cute little pigtails. Her parents have obviously taken the time to care for her. By doing this, the ad shows the importance of taking care of a puppy. The raincoat in the closet lets us know that the child is active; she plays outside, and her parents have prepared for whatever she may need as she is playing. The same care is also needed for a growing puppy.

This is an ad for a large breed puppy, the marks on the closet door show us that he is growing very quickly, and will soon be very large. He is growing right along with the kids and has been made an important part of their family. The choice of breeds here is also important. Dalmatians are often associated with a very active lifestyle: they are used as fire department dogs. So what better choice if you are trying to sell food for an active dog?

Both of these ads are making basically the same point -- that their food is the best for a particular type of puppy. The Pedigree is for a more active puppy perhaps, and the Iams a larger but also active breed. The main idea in both ads is health and nutrition: doing what is best for your puppy. By buying their food, you will be giving your puppy all it needs to live a healthy life.