Two important events happened when Adolf Hitler was six in the year 1895. The first even that occured was that he was entering primary school. The second event was that his father retired from the Austrian Civil Service on pension. This means that he would one day be very closely watched by his father. Hitler's family lived outside of Linz, Austria. Well they lived there for a little while then they moved again.

When he was thirteen Alois Jr.'s father was mean to him. When he was fourteen he got sick of the beatings and harsh words and he ran away. He never saw his father again. That means that Adolf would be the next in line to be abused. The family moved between Linz and Salzburg. This was many of there moves.

Then they moved to Lambach and that for Adolf meant no more farming and more time to play. In the town that adolf would go to every day for school he would see an old Catholic Benedictine. It was decorated which carved stones and a lot of woodwork. They were there since the 1800's.

When he was a young boy he idolized priests. He was considering a job in this line of work. He greatly admired Abbot. Abbot ruled with his black robbed monks with supreme authority. When Hitler was at home he pretended that he was a priest and made up long sermons. When Hitler was nine he was caught, by a priest, smoking a cigarette.

Luckily he was forgiven and not punished. As a child Hitler's favorite game was to play cowboys and Indians. This was very popular in Germany and Austria with young boys. May, a man who was one of Hitler's favorite authors, wrote a book that Hitler read and read over and over again. That was a total of seventy books.

Many of his books were about fighting Indians and basically war...