Although Adolf Hitler is not a fan favorite by many people, you have to admit he was an excellent leader that contains many traits and styles that other great leaders entitled such as Winston Churchill, John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King. Like John F. Kennedy, Adolf Hitler grasped a very charismatic Leadership style while containing inspirational traits like Martin Luther King and Winston Churchill. Hitler employed searchlights at his rallies, warm-up men before his speeches (principally his minister for culture, Joseph Goebbels), and impressively turned-out SS guards - but he wore a deliberately un-dressy uniform himself. He also had a huge office in Berlin that he almost never used, and created photo opportunities that look as perfect today as they looked revolutionary then.

Hitler also used childish staring tricks, such as looking at the people he was talking to without blinking, and various other basic tricks. His inspiration caused many sane people to complete his cynical maneuvers. Hitler's charisma shined through in his rousing speeches. Adolf's people-manager skills were unmatched, and proven with his tendency to attempt to micro-manage people far beyond his reach. During World War 2, Adolf Hitler took leadership to a level than never had been reach before his time. He combined charismatic and inspirational leadership style to try to fulfill a dream of death, corruption and take-over.

Hate it or love it but one has to admit Hitler accomplished a unique leadership style of his own and deserves credit for the skills he required but not the actions he sought..