(B) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the legislative process. Our legislative process is full of criticisms and praises, some of which I will highlight. One major Criticism is the length of time that it takes for a bill to become an act of Parliament. It is a lengthy process and takes some time (which could hinder the necessary statute if needed immediately) but in doing so it ensures that the Bill that is passed, at its final amended point, can be easily understood to the General public. The Bills passed can be a little over elaborate and its structure can often be illogical e.g. its clauses and subsections.

However this can be amended. Legislation is written law, it can easily be viewed and criticised by those concerned, but as law evolves untidily it is difficult to find out and know the latest laws passed. One major advantage of the legislative system is that it is a democratic process, setting standards in our society. However because of the Political Bias, the present government can push legislation through due to the numbers it possesses, meaning some legislation can be pushed without listening to the Minority, using Parliament acts to continue the legislation. Experts and people working in the professional services concerned with any statute are usually consulted however.

Another advantage of the Legislative process is that any act of Parliament which is passed is usually in force from the Date of the Act, Meaning through the lengthy process it is immediately used.