When I decided to continue to pursue higher education, I chose Dartmouth College. I encountered an array of intelligent individuals, but, however, what I found to be delightfully surprising about college is meeting Native American students that represent their nations. These Native American students share the same desire to develop their potential and utilize their knowledge to infinitely benefit society. I was going to Marcos de N iza High School in Tempe, AZ when I first heard about AISES. As a Native American minority high school student living in the Phoenix metropolitan area, I felt intimidated by the competition amongst my peers in our high school's honors program. Also, there are not significant amounts of females that excel very often among high schoolers today.

I performed very well in high school, but, however, I doubted my academic and leadership abilities. At this time, I met Louis Baca, an AISES member and engineer at Intel. I got the opportunity observe Elmer in his workplace at Intel. I was intrigued with the numerous tasks, responsibilities, and leadership roles that he carried out. He helped me discover that there are many areas of engineering to study and this is when I became increasingly fascinated with the engineering field.

Louis inspired me to be confident in my abilities as a person in pursuit of a dream. As a college AISES member, I am eager to meet more professionals in the engineering field. Attending the upcoming AISES conference in Albuquerque, NM will hopefully give me the opportunity to do so. I know that I am merely a first-year student, however, I believe that I will benefit from the experience alone.