A Fortunate Life In this assignment I have to compare my life to the life of Albert in the book 'A Fortunate Life. ' This book was set about a hundard years ago. The boy, Albert is about 10 to 11 years old and is living with his Grandmother and uncle on a farm which they bought. When I was 10 I attended grade 5 at St. Ignatius at norwood and i was living in a house with my Mum and Dad, my Grandmother lives next door. Albert worked on on his uncles farm for a while and then he went to a farm to work for I think 5 Schillings a month.

At that time i think that was a wage for a 10 year old boy but he did ent see a cent of the earnings at that farm which he worked on for a year or so. I did ent work when I was 10, I was at school with my friends enjoying life. I did ent have a worry in the world apart from home work. I would like to go back to those days. Albert tryed to leave the farm but he couldn't, the owner would threat ten him if he'd leave he would regret it if he found him.

Albert was almost all the time working, had hardly any sleep compared to my self (I try and get at least 8 hours sleep a nite) and he sleep ed on hay in a horse barn. I had my own room with my own comfortable bed. I ate 3 main meals a day, every day. Albert at times did ent even get 1 meal a day let alone 3. He did ent have any communication with his Grandmother or Uncle. My parents bought me clothes and i ahd the privilige of a phone in my room which men a big phone bill but I would always ring my friends and family.

I was driven around to school and friends palaces by my parents, us to watch T. V, relax and listen to my C. D's and play computer games. Albert didn't have any of these utilities or activities. There transport was horse and cart. There entertainment was Singing, Dancing and drinking Grog till they passed out.

Punishment was very harsh, Albert was wiped with a horse win. I would at times get a smack or two but from what I saw in the movie and red in the book he had it pretty hard back then because he would almost get punished for every little slip up. I never saw or ead anything about anyone playing sport or even talking about it. I guess they were all working people so there wasnt any time for activities. I had to play sport every saturday morning for school.