Drinking Age The age of drinking has been an issue in our country for a long time and there are many regards on why the age is set at 21. The federal government should not impose a drinking age of 21. The drinking age should be lowered to the age of 18 for the following reasons; one, most people between the age of 18-20 are drinking alcohol already, and two, you should have the right to purchase alcohol when you reach the age of 18, because that is the age when you are considered and adult and have many rights and freedom. It is common to find people under the age of 21 in the possession of alcohol. In allot of gatherings such as Fraternity and High Shool parties, drinking is the main thing going on and it will continue to be. Many students start drinking alcohol from their very first year in college and most of them won't be legal to do so until their third year.

The High School students drink to and a friday night for them and college students usually has alcohol involved in it. In allot of cases, many upper classmates will buy the lower classmates alcohol and even go and get drunk with them on the weekends. It is very easy to get alcohol and this shows that consuming alcohol at the age of 18 is tolerant. So Idon't see why the government makes a law that most people don't follow anyways. The second reason to change the legal drinking age to 18 is because you a reconsidered to be an adult at this age. When you are 18 you have the right to vote, get married, go to war, buy a gun, and plus your prosecuted as an adult when your charged with a crime.

That same person, however, cannot walk into the bar after a hard days work and enjoy a glass of beer or wine. That's funny that the government basically says that when your 18 you can go to war and die for your country and then says that same person is not responsible enough when it comes to drinking. This is a violation to ones freedom a san adult. Alcohol has been a topic among people under the age of 21 for a long time. Many underage people can and will get alcohol if they want it, there is always someone out there who will buy it for them. Nevertheless the legal age to drink and purchase alcohol should be change from 21 to 18, because of the reason that you are an adult at the age of 18.

When you reach that age there should be no more restrictions on you.