Sky high isIn the early 1960's the crime started to increased as people rebelled against the power of the authorities and government, as well as the influence of drugs. America went to war in Vietnam to help fight. When America's army numbers began to fall conscription was brought to support the war. The war that most people believe America should not have been involved with. This song acted as a wake up call to the government.

Asking the government how long is it going to take before you realize what you " re doing to this country? The Title "Blowin in the wind" symbolizes the time it will take before this are changed. Destruction the youth of America became the main reason for rebellion. Though the war went on and the static's of the dead rose. The American Government became more and more narrow minded about their situation, continuing in fight to save their pride, "pretending he just doesn't see". They had to change their ways in attempt to save America and Australia (its Allies) youth, who where being killed for the sack of being killed.

Focus becomes the listener, by the use of rhetorical questions, forces Dylan's audience to think about what is going on. The questions become more like a statement in an argument with the government by revealing the evidence through a variety of images. The use of "he" to represent the government body, to outline that there is one person who is in controlling the conflict. The issue of conscription is discussed by asking how long it is going to be "before they " re allowed to be free?".