The American Anti-Slavery Group, Inc. was founded in 1993 to combat slavery around the world. American Anti-Slavery Group had achieved the goal of freeing over 45,000 slaves. The main objective of American Anti-Slavery Group was to press human rights concern and to unite a powerful anti-slavery movement. The American Anti-Slavery Group contributed to the continuing struggle to end slave trading in Afghan and other countries. American Anti-Slavery Group also helped exploited the poor conditions throughout African states. Every year the American Anti-Slavery Group raised money to help with food, medical supplies, and clothes for the refugees in different countries.

In September of 2000, Dr. Coretta Scott King widow of famed civil rights lawyer Dr. Martin Luther King presented the Boston Freedom Award to American Anti-Slavery Group President Dr. Charles Jacobs in recognition of abolishing slavery. The images displayed on the web sites are very disheartening. When I look at the images I can only think about how slavery was in America during the 1800's when my ancestors were alive. The governments believe that slave trading can help lower the money for labor and other expensive an employee would have.

Thus, this would surely provide more control over an individual. Slavery provides a control environment on the mind, which lowers the esteem on an individual. The form of modern slavery can be examined as working hard to pay taxes. The government has control over what is considered as your tax bracket by your income. If your work hard you make more money and if you make more money you pay more taxes.

That theory is still unexplainable at this point. I believe that if you make more money you will buy more expensive items, which would have a good affect on spending. Some of the methods used to enslave a modern slave today are to take away any knowledge of becoming successful. Taking the knowledge from a person will enslave their mind to thinking they are dumb and have no ambitions in life. Another way of enslaving a group is to limit the way of transportation to other places. If you limit travel than a person will feel they have no place to escape.

Another way of enslaving which is very popular today is Alcohol and Drugs in lower class areas. This has been an on-going process in our society today. There liquor stores and the drug dealers at every corner of lower class neighborhoods and not in the upper or middle class neighborhoods. In Afghanistan, many women are sold into prostitution and men into extreme work labor. Thus, through slavery is technically illegal in Pakistan, the laws are rarely enforced. Afghans have no legal status and no papers, there is little to connect refugees to the protections of the state.

The slaves are worked severely and eat bad food they also have no freedom. In conclusion, I believe the United Nations is not doing enough to end slavery. I believe that it is more political for the good of the government not the country. They believe that getting the government to end war is more important than the slavery issue. I only think how bad it is to have a freedom and waste it away on working hard for the government's benefit. I have learned that there slavery still existed in America the land of the free and being a minority does not make the situation better.

I am African-American but, I am treated like an African not an American..