American Dream essay example

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My Changed View of The American Dream I believe that my thought of the American Dream was more or less lumped around freedom. I feel that has remained intact, but at the same time I find myself analyzing these readings and noticing through time the American Dream changes for each person. I look at Robertson's writing in Banners on the Tower and I interpret his writings of Columbus in the New World with the very last phrase on page 101, the stuff of dreams, in reference to the images of vast land waiting with opportunities for so many. For people of that time I think that was what life was about, and embracing a dream for a better life I think is what they expected to be accomplished in moving to this New World. I read an amazing truth in The Puritan Legacy that as Americans we implant and are instilled with our work ethic and the tenacious primacy of religion in American life. I find this to be a true and an honorable quality of the American people.

However, it is wrong to say that it all stops here because it was put very clearly in to perspective in, What Is an American that we are as Americans today such a diverse people. It is na " ive and ignorant to act as though we are all one color and feel the same way about everything. We do not and that is exactly why God gave us the freedom in our own will when we were put on this earth. I too agree with the writer that an American is also a feeling.

A feeling that you are apart of something special and that you belong. The truth is we all want freedom to be apart of something bigger than ourselves and as an American I feel we achieve that..