What do you know about Anne Frank? If you don? t know a lot about her I will help you. Anne Frank lived from 1929-1945. She was a young adult who kept an account of everything that went on from 1943-1945 when she was in hiding.

Her diary was later published a year after her death, the name of the book was Diary of a Young Girl. Her book was then made into a play then a movie. All three accounts of Anne's life experienced very good success. Anne Frank was born in Germany. Her dad was Jewish and worked for a bank. The Frank's then moved to Amsterdam in 1933 out of fear of Adolf Hitler.

However, Hitler then conquered Amsterdam in 1940. The Frank family then became terrified of being persecuted. Anne then went into hiding with 8 other people. They managed to avoid the Nazi's by hiding in an attic for two years. When the Frank's and other people that were found hiding they were all sent to a concentration camp called Auschwitz.

That turned out to be the place where Mrs. Frank died. Anne and her sister were then sent to another concentration camp where they then died in 1945. Mr. Frank was the only one in the Frank family who survived the horror. He then returned to his hiding spot where he found Anne's diary. He then begged for it to be published..