Answer To The Meaning Of Life essay example

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Philosophy has existed since the beginning of time and it has since then begun to open our minds to new and different perspectives. Whether you find the answer to the meaning of life, and you have truly, thoughtfully, and adequately answered it, what exactly is the achievement? Will your life appear to be more complete now that you have satisfied your burning desire to understand your reason for existence? What if more complex questions were to arise that you could not answer?

If that holds true (and in many cases it does), to continue this process of intellectual thinking, we must first be open-minded mold ourselves into critical thinkers and willing to accept the changes that philosophical thinking can bring. Living in a multicultural world, with many diverse and unique people, religions, and philosophies, the means for achieving the ultimate answer to life is compelled to have a variety of solutions such salvation, peace of mind, and perhaps even education. Although the previously mentioned aspects of life are known to bring much joy and happiness, the mystery of the pursuit to find one's purpose seemingly overshadows all. Personal experience leads me to believe that people need to know that they have a purpose for living on this earth. Self-worth is a strong feeling; a feeling so strong, in fact, that it, many times, becomes a guiding force in individuals to find some type of value in their living. In a society based on curiosity and enlightenment, it appears only natural for such an inquisitive attitude to bring life to life itself.

After careful reflection and consideration, I am obliged to believe that the meaning of life is to pursue the answer to the question "what is of the meaning of life". 3 The meaning of life is quite a complex and philosophical idea which cannot be answered with a simple explanation. Philosophical questions have made an impact on us as humans with thoughts that don't usually have an answer to the question that was brought forward and to which neither side knows the answer to. Many questions arise where one begins to explain the meaning of life. One of the main questions I desire to raise in my effort to explain the meaning of life is which method for searching for the meaning of life does one prefer? The significance of one's life, however, can only be answered by that person whom it belongs to.

Since birth, our daily lives have affected the approach we take individually in pondering the meaning of life. Occasionally, we are bombarded with questions and / or situations that may unsteadily affect our way of thinking, and in some cases, our moral beliefs. For example, when a successful adult 1 who, as a child, grew up without much love and support from his or her parent (s), was asked to give the most important part of life as he knew it, he expressed that "survival was without a doubt, the most important element in life"; as would many scientists agree. Such an opinion is quite understandable, from this man's standpoint.

His past life experiences cause him to have an exceptionally strong independent spirit due to the situation he was put in as a child. However, in keeping with the same theory, another young man 2 around the same age who had had a wonderful childhood filled with affection and friendship was be inclined to believe that a "good social life" is the key to having a meaningful and significant life. These examples show that diversity in lives generally lead to diversity in philosophies. There will be many notable events in one's life, but there will be only a few incidents in which one will come to a profound conception of his or her life (in general).

These few incidents are what create adversity in one's self. To always have the question "what is the meaning of life" implies that one will have an infinite desire to better themselves while at the same time enlightening others. With an attitude such as this, one is justified to assume that life would be entirely more pleasurable seeing that he or she is contributing toward the betterment of themselves and others. As we look at the world as it is today, a huge portion of such areas as the job world, is based solely on asking the question "why". In order for the general population to have purpose in life, he or she must have something to look forward to obtaining. On the other hand, the investigative process that one must go through simply to discover the purpose of life is pleasurable enough in itself to keep one living with peace of mind.

Simply attempting to achieve one's primary purpose for living encompasses and implies a lifetime filled with high self-esteem, individual initiative, and motivation. Although no one explanation will ever truly and honestly answer the question "what is the meaning of life", the feeling of pushing toward that goal is beneficial enough in itself.