I have always been interested in the visual elements of communication through computing and especially drawing skills. After studying Graphic Communication at standard grade and higher level, my love for design grew and chose to go further into design taking up Art and Design and Craft and Design. I have chosen to apply for this course because I feel that it would be challenging and stimulating and would increase my knowledge and skills in the visual industry of graphics and multimedia. Furthermore I enjoy the challenge of learning new tasks and look forward to gaining new and specialised knowledge everyday throughout my career. I feel that I would not loose interest throughout the course and would thrive on gaining work experience within a national network of design consultancies.

At present, my two favourite subjects are Art and Design and Craft and Design which I am confident in and will work hard to achieve these at higher level. My other school subjects have also helped my knowledge of design and multimedia by giving me an insight into the importance of designing in everyday life. Outside school, I work in a shop as a sales assistant which gives me valuable experience in working in a retail based environment and has taught me skills like reliability, self responsibility and respect for authority. In addition, I have developed further interest in fashion design through being involved in a 'Spotlight on design' class. The content of the course includes designing your own outfit, making it and modelling the design at a fashion show. This has developed my self-confidence and my ability to express myself.

I am a hard working, enthusiastic person who enjoys helping others. I work well within a team and get along easily with people I meet. I have a bubbly and friendly personality, and a likeable nature. I would further be an asset to you " re team due to my ability to use, and act upon, my own initiative whenever necessary. I can work independently and I'm always efficient in the completion of my tasks. I believe my skill of time-management will be one of great importance when I go to University.

After finishing my degree at University, I would like to further my education into a higher level of visual elements of communicating and gain more experience in the design and multimedia industry. Or another option I would like to take is to go into employment as a visual designer for a major company such as Coca-Cola.