Three people whom I highly admire: Max Dupain, Jeffrey Smart and Salvador Dali. All three excel in their field of art and put heart and soul into their creations. I think a piece of artwork can be two things. One, it can be created on the basis of money or necessity, nothing is reflected about the artist in these forms of creations. On the other hand an artist can create art for just that reason, to create art. I feel these types of art give a look into the inner workings of the artist that created the piece, they are original windows to the soul of the artist.

Art can be controversial, beautiful, induce anger, fear, belief, motivation; because everyone can find a part of themselves in art. Whether this be movies, pictures, photos, drawings, dance, acting or well, anything really. I like art that is bold, subtle, dramatic, personal, but most of all I like art that is different. Max Dupain - An Australian photographer. Probably his best known piece "Sun baker", is said to be an image that represents Australian identity.

About Max Dupain: Born in 1991, died 1992. Dupain established his first studio in 1934 in Sydney. In 1941 he entered a partnership with the photo engraving firm of Hartland and Hyde. Dupain went to war, then photographed Australia for the Department of Information, so next time you are at an old info booth and look at a flyer, it could be Dupain photo of lake Eyre or Luna park. Salvador Dali, the ever surprising, ever changing artist, whose work can be looked at, like his life, to develop with time. Dali started off painting Impressionist work, employing impressionist techniques taught to him by his fathers close friend, and celebrated impressionist painter Ramon Pic hot.

Dali had no boundaries, he had a genius mind. Anything and everything could be his art form. Ship (Trading Brig Drops Anchor in the Bay of Cada qu " es) 1919, Oil on Canvas. This painting shows the lively shimmering brushwork that indicates Dali's obsession with impressionism.

Dali smears the oil paint on thick in short repetitive strokes, which creates texture. The short yellow scattered strokes amongst the blue water gives the illusion of.