Art Of Learning From My Mistakes essay example

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Every single day of our lives, we go through experiences that one way or another challenge our abilities and help us look at the world in a different way the next day. I believe it is inevitable to think of high school as one of the most important places where new things are experienced and lessons are learned. That is why, as I come closer to the end of high school, I have taken time to think back and reflect on my experiences; the things I did wrong, the ones I did right and all the great lessons I just happened to learn that changed the way I look at myself and at the world. First of all in my high schools years, one of the most valuable lessons I have adopted is the art of learning from my mistakes.

I remember, for example, that during my freshman year I used to be a little bit disorganized. I often found myself in very difficult situations because I had trouble finding things when I needed them. As a solution, I decided to assign places for certain things; this helped me to organize my homework and projects better. Similarly, I remember I used to leave doing my assignments for the last minute.

On several occasions I became very desperate because I had to do things quickly. Furthermore, I used to get distracted very easily while working on something. I realized I had to become a little more responsible and had to manage my time better, too. I do not fully regret all the mistakes I made during my early years because by doing so I would have never had a chance to learn what I did from them. Also during high school, I have learned to feel proud of the things I did right.

For example, every time I got good grades I felt very happy to see that my efforts were being recognized. However, I did not want others to feel bad, so I did not talk about it. I later realized that one is worth of that recognition and that the feeling you get from it will always encourage you to keep going. Another thing I am proud of is the fact that I put all my effort when doing things that, perhaps, at the beginning seemed very difficult. With this I learned that in order to succeed I had to put one hundred percent into accomplishing the things Milian 2 that somehow tested my abilities.

In addition, one of the things that makes me proud the most is the fact that I learned to speak English and improved my reading and writing skills over the years. This taught me to always keep moving up and to never think that something was good but to make it better. I have taken the good experiences to build the person I am now, not to feel superior to anyone but to feel strong for the future challenges. Finally, through high school we learn things that by nature are inevitable to miss. For example, we all learn to communicate and interact with people. By doing this I learned to listen to others and encounter new ideas that influenced the way I look at the world.

In the same way, during high school we become aware of things we did not know before. In these years I have learned a lot of amazing and interesting things in my classes. For instance, I learned to solve equations, write essays, and use my mind to think carefully before making a decision; I even learned to use computer programs. I believe that all the intellectual things we learn during high school help us to develop a better understanding of how things function in this world. All of this makes realize how lucky I am for taking and keeping all the things that were offered to me. As I look back to my early high school years I realize I have learned more things than I ever expected.

The good and the bad things I did had not only helped me to solve some serious problems but had also taught me to be a better person. And all the other things I learned have helped me to develop a new and better perspective of the world..