In July 1945,150 atomic scientists were polled by the directors of the Manhattan Project (the group has directed the making of the first atom bomb). They were asked whether and how the weapon should be used against Japan. The dropping of the atomic bomb was very hard decision for Americans. President Truman made a correct, even excellent choice of using the atomic bomb as military weapon on Japan.

US showed to world that only we had very strong atomic weapon. Also, we wanted Japan to surrender quick and without our damages. On August 6, 1945 in the city of Hiroshima, Japan, the United States of America introduced the world to nuclear warfare. United States of America had several reasons to drop the atomic bomb. First of all, Japan had to be punished for bombing Pearl Harbor, land-locked harbor on Hawaii, -destroying our fleets and killing our people. Then, Russian wanted to occupy the Island of Japan after the war.

This would be embarrassing for the leaders of the army, because the U.S. had been fighting the war in Pacific for a long time and Russia had just begun to fight with Japan. The dropping of the atomic bomb might have deterred the Russians from challenging the U.S. for control of the Island. By using the atomic bomb, USA ended the war, Japan surrender and that was the major result. Directly after the two bombings, Japan immediately surrendered. So, basically Harry S. Truman's decision was absolutely right, -by using the atomic bomb, we ended the war, however, some people may argue that President's decision wasn't right. Well, those people do have some supporting details for saying this.

Of course, at one point, the atomic bomb explosion should never happen, -it cost many people's death, thousands of injures, damages, e. t. c. But, what if USA wouldn't drop the bomb, would the war ended? It was at time of World War, -Europe was in war, and US actually finally ended the WWII. Let's put it this way: if American administration would just give a military demonstration in Japan, with Japanese representatives present, after Japan might surrendered, but Japan had pretty strong army and Air Forces, and later on Japan might wanted to fight back. Because of the war between USA and Japan, Americans troops might died and there would be our damages, -that's what we actually don't want.

So, we still not sure would Japan followed our advice of surrendering or not, -otherwise they could declare war on USA. To prevent this, we had to show how strong we are, and what effective equipment we have; we had to make Japan be scared. Another reason that supports the decision to use the atomic weapon is that USA had actually no other choice... If we won't drop the bomb, let's say, and would give just the verbal warning to Japanese government, and not even using the atomic weapon, can we be sure that Japan would surrender and not declaring a war on US?

Well, it's about 50% on 50%. We could say that we do have that super atomic weapon and we can use in case of war, but Japan would not believe American government, they would response - "NO WAY YOU HAVE THAT SUPER WEAPON". The Japanese government would say that US trying "to play", and that we are not trying to show Japan what weapon we have. So, at this point we might loose our army and having damages and still not be sure if we would get what we want. The best way to solve the conflict between Japan and America, was to drop atomic bomb, and ended war quickly.

That was what actually US did. Should the US drop the atomic bomb on Japan or not? This question still remains unsolved. No one was able to change the past, and we end up with one result, - US drop the atomic bomb and ended the war. President Truman's decision about how to use the atomic weapon on Japan was excellent choice at right time. Many people might have different points of views, but nothing could be change.

America showed its power, what effective equipment we got. Whatever it's, there is could be peace in this world, if and only no one would use this kind of atomic weapons, or any other ones.