Dropping "The Bomb" Towards the end of WWII America was faced with a dilemma. The Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor using Kamikaze pilots and were showing no signs of regret for it or any signs of not continuing these kinds of attacks. Through these actions they were also showing the world that they had no fear or respect for the American people. With both the devastating effects of Pearl Harbor, the largest most deadliest attack ever on American soil, and the Japanese's blatant disrespect for the U.S. on our hands president Harry Truman had no other choice but to drop an atomic bomb on Japan. Dropping the atomic bomb on Japan did not just come out of the blue. We had tried to warn Japan numerous times before about the type of weapons we were capable of using and even tried to show them what the atomic bomb could do.

Even after attempted peace talks with Japan they still refused to pull back. We also had tried other war tactics such as bombing them with regular bombs and even sending in ground troops to fight. Time after time Japan refused to cease fighting. If we had not chosen to drop the bomb on them then there is a good chance that we would have suffered a greater amount of loss of soldiers in continuing to fight. As it was stated before, Japan knew the basic extent of our power and they still decided to attack us, so they knew what would come of them doing this. It just became evident that they really were not prepared to "mess" with us until after the atomic bomb had been dropped.

So in a way you could say that "they got what was coming to them". We also got the response we were looking for, after the bomb was dropped, by Japan surrendering to the U.S. Some may argue that the overall effects of the atomic bomb were to devastating and that there were other means of retaliation we could have used to get our point across and to get Japan to surrender. If we would have taken that route we don't know what Japan could have done to us and how far they would have gone for a victory. So dropping the atomic bomb on them was the only way that we were sure that we could effectively and completely secure our nation's freedom and fully protect the civil liberties of all of the citizens that live in it.