In August of 1945 nuclear weapons were exploded upon the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. Following these atomic bombings, Japan surrendered. But were the atomic bombings necessary to save Allied lives and end Japan's threat to world peace while avoiding a deadly invasion of the Japanese mainland? The Germans surrendered to the Americans on May 8th, 1945. President Truman wanted to end World War II in the Pacific as quickly as possible.

After a hard fought war we had pushed the Japanese back to their main islands and demanded surrender. The leaders of the super powers held a summit conference at Post dam in July of 1945. They demanded an unconditional immediate surrender or else there would very severe consequences. Japan of course refused with their proud traditions and on August 6, much to the scrutiny of many historians dropped on of the most powerful bombs mankind had ever seen. In an instant the bomb killed some 50,000 and in the aftershock killed a total of 80,000 people. After the Hiroshima atomic bombing, the Japanese Army and Navy had sent separate teams of scientists to determine what type of bomb had destroyed the city.

By August 11th, both teams had reported to Tokyo that the bomb was, indeed, atomic We called again for the surrender and again we denied. President Truman decided to drop the last bomb on Nagasaki. There again was the horrible side of human nature, where the obligation of over 70,000 people was our answer to Pearl Harbor. The exact amount of casualties is unknown but the after affect stilled caused death for more than a decade after the bombing. Why we used such a weapon of massive destruction is hard to say.

I believe that the cause to use the bomb was just, for the unprovoked secret attack on Pearl Harbor. Politicians believed that the use of this weapon would bring an end to the War, and it did. But the loss of some many civilian lives is debated on and researched even to this day. I believe that if victory could be speeded by the use of such a weapon than it should be used.

When the interests and people of our nation are threatened, or our young men being sent off to die in horrible battles, then I believe they should be protected by any means necessary and such is the case of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.