Back At The House Harvey essay example

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A). A young man on the campus of Indiana University was brutally attacked last night. The students name has not been released yet, but early confirmations from local sources have said that it was Kent Harvey, the young man blamed for the firing of former Head Basketball Coach Bobby Knight. The assailant apparently had been following Harvey around for the past week to his classes and local hangouts. And, late Tuesday night, what seemed to be a planned attack was followed through. After Harveys last class ended at 6 p.m. he headed over to the Hoosier Public Library for a planned study session with his roommate.

At approximately 8: 30, Harveys roommate was seen leaving the library. And the last person to see Harvey was the Head Librarian at 8: 45, as he was leaving the library. The police report says a young male approached Harvey and as soon as the assailant made sure it was Harvey, he grabbed him and threw him into the backseat of the car along with 1 to 2 other males. The car sped off and it is believed that from there, Harvey was taken to a nearby house. And from then on, Harvey was brutally assaulted and taken back to the front of the library where he was taken. It is believed that some weapons could have possibly been used and Harvey did sustain a broken arm and bruised ribs.

B). There were 3 males on the scene of the crime. There also could have been more students waiting back at the house Harvey was taken to. A freshman at IU got a look at the perpetrator from a distance.

She said he was wearing a white IU basketball shirt along with red warm-up pants with white trim. She couldnt get a good make out of his face because he also had on a visor shading his face. But after that description of clothing was given, an older janitorial worker at the University Library believed he saw a young man who fit that same description. The janitor said the young man had dark hair, a goatee and had sideburns.

A picture of this perso has been drawn and posted all over the IU campus, it is believed with a little cooperation this perpetrator can be caught. C). A typical criminal is generally not a very bright person. The usual criminal will not get away with a crime. It will generally not be planned out very well and often times if planned out, it will not be executed properly. A typical criminal is probably in the middle to lower class who is currently struggling and looking for something that will quickly be able to fix his problems.

My parts B and C do not match. The reason my parts B and C dont match is because this criminal was not typical. This person wouldnt usually have a criminal mentality but the outcome of Harveys actions with Coach Knight drove him and his partners to this crime.